Big Brother 13 Houseguest Profile: Porsche Briggs

This morning for our houseguest profile we tackle the hot girl named after a hot car!

Porsche Briggs, 23, is a VIP Cocktail Waitress (read that: wannabe famous person) currently living in Miami Beach, FL. Hmm, that sounds kind of like the job Rachel from last season had where she got all slutty with the guys to get whatever she wanted, right? We think Rachel probably would have described herself very much the same as well: “sexy, bitchy and clever.” Although, well, we hope Porsche actually does have brains under that blond hair, unlike what Rachel apparently didn’t have under her red weave.

Porsche’s strategy for winning Big Brother 13 is to “try to not blow up at too many people,” which we assume means she has a fierce temper. Porsche is really the only reason why we want to see Rachel actually come back into the house as one of the ‘duos’, because you just KNOW that would have to lead to some serious catfights! Also, Porsche apparently really admires former Big Brother cast member Natalie Martinez because “she straight up lied to everyone and it worked.”

We think Porsche has the biggest chance of being one half of a showmance duo on Big Brother 13, most likely with Dominic — or possibly one of the male members of the ‘duos’. Oh please, bring back Brendan and then have Porsche and Rachel get in a pissing match over him while everyone else wonders why the hell anyone would want Brendan anyway! Too fun!

Porsche Briggs is definitely one of those girls just itching to be famous any way she can. You can pretty much tell this easily by her profile at where she lists her ‘claim to fame’ as “made out with Josh Hartnett April 2009.” She does allegedly have the proof in photos— photos in which she also shows off that she is probably going to be one of the house smokers. Although, we’ve seen a few Josh Hartnett fans out there who say it isn’t actually her in those photos.

There are also several other pics of Porsche mugging the camera with various Hollywood types including another actor or two and a rapper. Really rather embarrassing. Oh and there are also some lovely pics of her doing shots of some kind from a syringe over at

We totally have no right to say this and cannot verify it in any way, but we do kind of wonder if Porsche has engaged in that age old Hollywood practice of having a boob job after finding this pic of her in a bikini. Don’t those things look just a bit too perky and perfectly round to be all natural? Just sayin’.

Porsche Briggs

In a very random tidbit, someone by the name of Porsche Briggs in Miami apparently signed a petition in 2007 in support of a Public Skate Park in the city with the note: “DO IT!!!!!!!” You go girl!

A graduate of Pompano Beach High School in 2005, Porsche Briggs says if she was made famous by Big Brother, she would “ride it out as long as possible.” We believe it. We also would would have believed her if she had said “ride HIM” out as long as possible in reference to somehow getting famous.

Oh, and on a side note, Janelle Pierzina of Big Brother 6 confirmed on the Big Brother live feeds show Rumor Control that she and Porsche are friends and know each other in real life. Thanks to our reader in the comments area for reminding us that we forgot to include that little tidbit. 😛

In addition to making out with actors and god knows who else, Porsche Brigs has apparently also been working on breaking into stardom via acting as well. She is listed as playing the part of “Young  Woman” on an episode of A&E’s The Glades called “Doppelganger”. So far she doesn’t seem to have done much else though, as her Net presence is pretty sadly lacking.

Porsche’s personal Facebook page is now off limits totally, although you can check out her Big Brother Facebook fan page here. As for Twitter, we weren’t able to track down a pre-Big Brother account, but there is a Big Brother Porsche Twitter feed here where she allegedly posted “SO excited to start my Big Brother adventure! See you guys on the other side! 🙂 XO” on June 30.

We are always a bit sad when we can’t dig up much dirt or other gossip of interest about a Big Brother houseguest. We generally also find this means the person ends up being, well, a bit boring. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Porsche is more interesting than she seems on the surface!

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