Big Brother 13 Houseguest Profile: Shelly Moore

For our next regular houseguest profile, we bring you the oldest (and possibly one of the smartest) houseguests of the season.

At 41, Shelly Moore is the  oldest contestant in the house and has already been compared by some to Big Brother 12 cast member Kathy Hills. I actually think Shelly may prove to be a much smarter and more interesting player than Kathy ever could. Shelly may be the oldest, but she also could turn out to be the wisest in this Big Brother house.

Shelly, an Outdoors Industry Executive currently living in Prairieville, LA, describes herself as “dynamic, tenacious and giving” and says her favorite activity is playing with her family. She also notes that she enjoys saving up junk mail and then “putting all of it in a postage paid junk mail envelope to send back to one of the senders.”

Okay, we kind of like her for that one… a lot.

Shelly says in her official CBS Big Brother profile that she is a natural “leader, a ring leader and a team builder” and plans on trying to “pull a good group of people together that could mutually benefit from the arrangement.” In my humble opinion, I think she sounds like she could maybe end up being a bit of a bossy bother in the house. Could be wrong though, but that’s just how I read between the lines.

According to her profile, Shelly Moore is actually listed as the Vice President of Business Development at NBFog, INC. On the company website, Shelly is listed as a Magna Cum Laude Graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a BS in Elementary Education. Originally from Centerville, OH, she is also a “proud” Delta Zeta Sorority girl, mom to a “beautiful” little 8-year-old girl and “proud wife to a former US Marine.”

We are wondering how she managed to swing taking three months off that kind of job to be on Big Brother when most of us can barely manage a sick day in this economy without getting fired…

Shelly is apparently a big fan of Big Brother, having watched the show from the beginning and has even signed up for the Big Brother live feeds to get all the dish they can’t show you on TV.

According to, Shelly thinks Big Brother is an “awesome human experiment.” Shelly says she does not plan on ever being a floater in the house because that is “not playing” the game. Since she also says girls with “big boobs” annoy her, we are betting she isn’t going to be too fond of Porsche

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