Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feeds Highlights-Day 27: The Power of the Pop Off Queen

It was a high tension day for the Celebrity Big Brother 2 houseguests. Everyone was on edge with only two days to go before the finale. Pop-off queen Lolo Jones was in prime form as she started several arguments.

Celebrity Big Brother Lolo Jones

First she got into it with Kandi Burruss. A discussion about who had the votes to win escalated. Lolo didn’t like that Kandi said that she had a lot of votes to win, but Kandi was just pointing them out after Lolo started saying Kandi could win. It was as ridiculous as it sounds.

Later, Lolo got into another argument with Ricky Williams. Tamar Braxton and him were describing the magic that comes with kissing someone you really like. Lolo didn’t appreciate how Ricky talks to her about romance. She said he’s really judgmental and that he’s questioning the Bible. Apparently, the Bible says to guard your heart, and Lolo follows that practice strongly.

By Ricky telling her to not guard her heart, he’s telling her to not follow the Bible (according to Lolo). Another ridiculous fight.

Celebrity Big Brother Lolo Jones

The feeds went down for nearly six hours. They returned to reveal that Lolo had won the Veto. The Celebrity Big Brother houseguests mentioned that it was a new competition that involved hurdles. Lolo got a time of five minutes. She also had an asthma attack during it, and it seemed to be a very physical one.

Now that Lolo has the Veto, Tamar wanted to know who would be voted out. She also worried that she might be the real target, especially since Dina Lohan and Kandi aren’t good at the competition.

She asked Ricky who he would vote out in case of a tie. He said he didn’t know. Tamar seems to be leaning toward evicting Dina because she has a good chance of winning the votes at the end (and her secret alliance with Kandi), but Lolo definitely wants Kandi out after their argument earlier.

Later in the evening, Lolo considered using the Veto on Dina. This would ensure Kandi’s eviction, and help her chances of going to the end with Dina. Ricky mentioned earlier in the day that Lolo wanted Dina in the end because she was the only player that she thought she could beat.

If Lolo uses the Veto on Dina, and Tamar goes up as a replacement nominee, all hell will probably break loose. Tamar even walked in on Lolo and Ricky’s discussion about using the Veto on Dina. So Lolo told Tamar that she might do it…yeah not a good move. That’s basically admitting that her final two goals are Dina and her, which won’t sit well if Ricky or Tamar win the final HOH.

Lolo eventually settled on not using the Veto, but anything could happen later today at the POV ceremony. Oh boy, we may be in for another day of arguing.

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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