Celebrity Big Brother 2 Week 4 Power Rankings: Where Does the Final Five Rank Going into the Finale?

Can you believe we’re just one day away from the finale of Celebrity Big Brother 2? It’s gone quickly but it’s been a lot of fun. We enjoyed all the crazy fights, outbursts, wacky characters, and general Big Brother madness.

Celebrity Big Brother 2 Final Five

Here’s our final Celebrity Big Brother 2 power ranking. We ranked the final five based on who is best positioned to win the game.

Note: This was written prior to the Power of Veto Competition results, so obviously some players winning chances have decreased.

Ricky Williams

Celebrity Big Brother 2-Ricky Williams

Much comes down to the Power of Veto this week, but Ricky Williams is in a good spot if Lolo Jones and Tamar Braxton are still in the house. He is likely to beat either of them with the final votes. Ricky just needs to win either the final Head of Household competition, or have one of them take him to the end, which could happen.

It’s hard to tell if things could turn for the worse for him at this point, but he has not offended people quite as much as Lolo or Tamar might have, which are the most likely ones he could be up against.

Kandi Burruss

Celebrity Big Brother 2-Kandi Burruss

If Kandi Burruss makes it to the end, she wins. I think she probably can beat any of them, but she needs to make it there. If she or Dina Lohan doesn’t win the Power of Veto, that might not happen. There’s a chance she can sway Tamar, or Tamar could sway Lolo or Ricky to keep her over Dina, especially if she tries to suggest that Dina might be a better competitor than her.

But she may also need to win that final Head of Household if Dina leaves, because it’s always difficult to predict what Tamar would do if she won it. She’s preached loyalty to Kandi but also talked a lot of smack, so it’s no guarantee that anyone will take her there except for herself.

Dina Lohan

Celebrity Big Brother-Dina Lohan

Much like Kandi, I think Dina can beat any of the rest of them in the finals. If she’s there, she could easily win the final Head of Household and it probably wouldn’t even matter who she took with her. If Kandi is there still, she’d likely take her and lose, so Dina’s best chances might be if Kandi were to go first. However, perhaps support from <strong<>Jonathan Bennett could give her the win over Kandi even.

Dina has not offended anyone, and all of the Celebrity Big Brother 2 houseguests have enjoyed her company. So it doesn’t matter whether or not she’s been seen as a strong player in this game.

Tamar Braxton

Celebrity Big Brother-Tamar Braxton

Tamar has done a lot of damage with some of her comments and actions recently. I think going up against Lolo might be her only shot to win and that’s not even a guarantee.

Tamar has a pretty good shot to get there, especially since she’s been good at the live competitions, but she might not have the social game to be able to pull out a win in the end. It’s going to come down to picking the right person to go against and presenting an argument that she played the game in a tactful manner.

Lolo Jones

Celebrity Big BrotheR Lolo Jones

There’s no doubt Lolo has played the game hard from day one but I am not sure that she has the respect of many of the jurors. She may have helped her case with her pleasant attitude during the double eviction, while Tamar made herself look foolish when Tom Green was evicted.

I’d say it’s nearly a toss up between Tamar and Lolo if they were to be the final two. Against anyone else, Lolo is most likely drawing dead, unless she gains respect for playing the game the hardest. And she still could go home this week depending on the Power of Veto and the ultimate decisions made by her allies.

And that’s it! It’s been a great season and we hope that you enjoyed our coverage! Be sure to keep up with us on Twitter at @BigBroAccess for continued coverage for the remainder of this season, post-season, and the upcoming season this summer!

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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