Celebrity Big Brother 2 Spoilers: (2/12/19)-Week 4 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

Kandi Burruss played a quiet game during the first half of Celebrity Big Brother 2. While everyone else was being loud and crazy, she stayed in the background. She let them take each other out. She eventually became a pawn star for many, but then started to play the most strategic Celebrity Big Brother game.

Big Brother Power of Veto Ceremony

Her likability and strategic gameplay started to make her a real winning contender, which other players noticed. Ricky Williams and Kandi haven’t exactly been on the same page all Celebrity Big Brother. A few times when she was on the block, he tried to flip the vote to get her out. Now with Ricky is HoH, like Tom Green before him, he plans to take out his biggest rival.

Unlike Tom, Ricky won’t get a sudden change of heart and save Kandi. The Power of Veto was her only chance of being saved. Last night, the final Celebrity Big Brother Power of Veto played out, and Lolo Jones won it. This pretty much killed Kandi’s chances of making it further than fifth place finisher.

Lolo most likely won’t use the Veto, and Kandi will be the first person voted out during tomorrow’s finale. However, late last night, Lolo discussed using the Veto on Dina to ensure Kandi’s eviction. It could be another tense day if Lolo makes this move.



Lolo decided not to use the Veto. Tomorrow either Kandi or Dina will be the first of the final five evicted.

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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