Celebrity Big Brother 3 Episode 11 Recap: Round 5 Live Eviction

An unlikely Todd Bridges, who has slept his way through most of the Celebrity Big Brother 3 experience, won the latest Head of Household and holds the power right now. After easily sweeping the victory in the HOH competition, Todd nominated Carson Kressley and Lamar Odom to the block for eviction.

Lamar is Todd’s closest ally in the Big Brother house, so we don’t expect him to target Lamar for eviction. Carson, however, has been on the radar as a threat since the beginning of the game. Will Todd be the “sleeper” celebrity to finally evict Carson? Unless Carson or his only ally, Cynthia Bailey, wins the Power of Veto tonight, his time in the house is limited.

Round 5 Block Nomination Aftermath

Carson and Cynthia believe they may still have a shot of saving their game together. If Cynthia can win the Power of Veto, she can take Carson off the block and be safe from eviction herself.

Todd didn’t want to nominate Cynthia with Carson because he may need her help somewhere down the line. He wants to keep that favor open if it is possibly needed later in the Big Brother game.

This Power of Veto will determine the fate of Carson and possibly Cynthia. This is a “do or die” situation in the Celebrity Big Brother 3 game.

Round 5 Power of Veto Competition

This game is called Ego Veto, and here is how it works. In each round, the cartoon veto medallion will jump into one of three identical objects. These objects will be shuffled around. Once they finally stop, the players must pick which object the veto is in. For each correct answer, the players are awarded one point. The players with the most points after seven rounds win the golden power of veto.

After round one, only Todd and Cynthia gained points. In round two, Todd, Meisha Tate, and Todrick Hall received a point. Round three’s points went to four of the celebrities, and Todd is in the lead. He has gained points in each round so far.

Meisha and Todrick received the points in round four. Next, in round 5, everyone except Lamar and Todd received points. Round six saw Todd, Meisha, and Todrick win points. In the final round, Meisha and Todd received points. Therefore, Meisha won the golden power of veto.

Power of Veto Aftermath

Carson and Cynthia know that both of their games are in serious trouble, especially Carson’s. Carson spoke to Lamar in the workout room and suggested that he should team up with Cynthia if and when he is evicted this round. Lamar didn’t seem too keen on the idea. Carson was just trying to help further along with Cynthia’s game after he is gone.

A new twist may breathe life into Carson’s game. It appears that Meisha is quite irritated with Lamar right now. During the last POV competition, Lamar kept talking while they were all concentrating trying to follow the objects. She blatantly told Lamar that he was disrupting her game, and he didn’t really seem to care.

Carson and Cynthia wonder if they can use this to their advantage. If Meisha is irritated with Lamar and doesn’t like his attitude, maybe a seed could be planted to vote out Lamar instead of Carson. They only need two celebrities to vote for Lamar, and he is gone tonight.

Cynthia and Carson met with Meisha privately to try and convince her to keep the nominations the same. They feel that if they keep the nominations the same, they can get Lamar out. They did not even think to ask Meisha to take Carson off the block.

Round 5 Power of Veto Ceremony

At the POV ceremony, Meisha decided NOT to use the golden power of veto and to keep the nominations the same. This means that either Carson or Lamar will be evicted from the house. Carson thinks he can stay in the house because he has Cynthia’s vote, and he would only need one other vote to stay.

The talk host, Jerry O’Connell stopped by the Big Brother house to have a sit-down chat with host Julie Chen Moonves. He is a self-described super fan of the show. Jerry admitted that he was shocked that Chris Kirkpatrick left the show so early because he thought Chris would win the game. He was also surprised that Shanna was targeted by Carson after she saved him from the block.

Final Push Before the Live Eviction Vote

Todrick and Meisha decided that if they win the next HOH, they will target Todd for eviction. The reason is simple. They believe Todd will come after them if he continues to win competitions in the Big Brother house.

Carson and Cynthia pulled Todrick to the side to talk game with him. Their pitch to him was that they feel he will be in the final two. They offered that if he keeps Carson in the game this round, they will guarantee him two jury votes. That is a pretty powerful offer.

Todrick immediately went to Meisha and spilled the beans about his talk with Carson and Cynthia. Meisha doesn’t like the offer, but she also knows this will be up to Todrick in the end. This is anyone’s game right now.

Round 5 Live Eviction Vote

The Celebrity Big Brother houseguests voted as follows:

Meisha voted to evict Carson
Cynthia voted to evict Lamar
Todrick voted to evict Carson

By a vote of 2 to 1, Carson was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. During his exit interview with Julie, Carson admitted he made a mistake by getting rid of Shanna Moakley over Meisha. He made that realization just today, and it was just too late to save his game. He is rooting for his BFF, Cynthia, to win Celebrity Big Brother.

After 24 days in the Big Brother house, Julie treated the houseguests to a surprise remote visit from their friends and family members. All of the remaining 5 celebrities were emotional and so thankful for the messages from their loved ones.

Join us again on Saturday, February 19 for the next Head of Household competition.

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