Celebrity Big Brother 3 Episode 12 Recap: Walk Down Memory Lane

After the surprising eviction of Celebrity Big Brother 3 favorite Carson Kressley, under the reign of Todd Bridges, we are down to the final five houseguests. Carson was evicted by a score of 2 to 1 after his and Cynthia Bailey’s attempts to sway the vote in their favor failed.

Tonight, we will take a walk down memory lane to reveal some of the never-before-seen moments inside the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house. Of course, Big Brother will also recall some of the more dramatic moments like when Todrick Hall and Meisha Tate flipped the house against Shanna Moakley. Let’s not forget when Chris Kattan made a sudden departure, or when Lamar accidentally…, oh wait. That moment was only shown on the live feeds. CBS did not air that clip. Julie Chen has promised some good clips for us tonight.

We start off the episode with the celebrities recollecting the pick-me-up they received from CBS. All five remaining houseguests received messages from their family and friends back home. After 24 days in the Celebrity Big Brother house, those messages were much appreciated by the houseguests.

What’s My Name?

Cynthia revealed that she had posters of Todd on her wall as a young girl. She also had a crush on him. Unfortunately, when they met for the first time inside the Big Brother house, she did not make a memorable impression on him. After several conversations between the two stars, Todd fessed up that he did not even remember her name. Whoops!

The Diary Room Sessions are on Television?

Lamar was astonished that the diary room sessions were actually filmed to show on the Celebrity Big Brother 3 TV show. No one is quite certain what Lamar thought those sessions were for other than a personal counseling session as suggested by Meisha. How many episodes of Big Brother has Lamar watched?

Wacky World of Celebrities

From Lamar thinking that the Egyptian pyramids were built by aliens to Shanna using her crystal to predict the outcome of various competitions inside the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house, these celebrities had some wild and crazy theories. Let’s not forget when Shanna tried to make Todrick levitate. Crazy things can happen when people are locked away and secluded from all other human life form.

Cleaning Up Is A Hard Thing To Do

So, these are celebrities inside the Big Brother house. They are used to having maids and housekeepers and the like cleaning up after them. That is not the case inside the Big Brother house. In there, they must clean up after themselves. Todd had a difficult time even changing the trash bag in the kitchen trash can. Come on, guys!

Friends Forever

Regardless of anything else that has happened inside the Big Brother house, these celebrities will be bonded forever. They have made friendships that will last a lifetime. That’s exactly what makes the Big Brother house so special, regardless of who makes their way inside.

Join us again tomorrow night for the Head of Household competition results and the block nominations.

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