Big Brother 13 Premiere Tonight on CBS!

Big Brother 13 premieres tonight on CBS at 9PM ET/PT, followed by the premiere of the Big Brother 2011 live feeds and Big Brother After Dark on Showtime. That is one action packed night ahead for Big Brother fans!

We’ve already been introduced to eight of Big Brother 2011 houseguests so far:

Adam Poch: A 39 year-old Music Inventory Manager from Hoboken, NJ
Cassi Colvin: A 26 year-old model from Nashville, TN. There’s always a model isn’t there?
Dominic Briones: A 25 year-old college student from San Mateo, CA.
Kalia Booker: A 30-year old writer from Los Angels, CA.
Keith Henderson: A 32 year-old Human Resources Manager from Boilingbrook, IL.
Lawon Exum: A 29-year old Legal File Clerk from Inglewood, CA.
Porsche Briggs: A VIP Cocktail Waitress from Miami, FL.
Shelly Moore: A 41-year old Outdoors Industry Executive from Prairieville, LA.

Tonight, Big Brother 13 host Julie Chen will introduce America to the remaining houseguests for the new season, the so-called “Dynamic Duos” from past seasons of Big Brother. From rumors going around on the Net and some the activities and comments of various previous cast members, we are pretty sure we know who will be coming back.

We don’t want to spoil any surprises for Big Brother 13 fans who want to wait for the announcement on the premiere though. If you DO want to know who is speculated to be returning, you can check it out under our Spoiler Alert below.

To view the spoiler you, just click next to the spoiler alert below:

[spoiler name=”SPOILER: Dynamic Duos rumored to be returning to Big Brother“]

According to the latest gossip, Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd, Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly and Evel Dick and estranged daughter Danielle Donato are the duos who will be returning to Big Brother this season. This was confirmed, allegedly, in a Twitter post by Crystal Eisermann.  Eisermann has previously interviewed BB houseguests and is rumored to be an employee of RealNetworks, which hosts the Big Brother live feeds. Of course, this is still only rumor, so we’ll have to wait for the premiere to know for sure.


The Big Brother 13 premiere hits airwaves at 9PM ET/PT. Once the show is finished airing on the west coast at 10PM PT, the Big Brother live feeds should start playing. Fans can also get their first glance at the cast in live action on Showtime’s Big Brother After Dark tonight as well.

We can’t wait!

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