Big Brother 13 Houseguest Profile: Kalia Booker

Today we’re bringing you the girl who could prove to be the most manipulative, nasty, back-stabbing wench in the house. And she admits it right up front!

Philadelphia native Kalia Booker, who now lives in Los Angeles, describes herself as “dramatic, adventurous and gregarious.” She also admits to a serious fear of snakes, which we hope will lead to a fabulous BB13 challenge at some point involving slithering reptiles.

For her strategy on winning Big Brother 13, Kalia says she plans on being “everyone’s best friend in that house, every single solitary day,” according to She plans on “making sure that I have some kind of intense, emotional, ‘let’s share’ conversation with everyone in the house so everyone thinks the bond they have the most is with me.” Meanwhile, Kalia will be living by her own personal BB13 motto: “Trust nobody and lie to everyone.”

Kalia Booker has wisely restricted her Facebook page from public consumption, but she does have the cutest picture of herself in what looks like some sort of prom/bridesmaid dress as her profile pic. Kalia has also closed the door on her Twitter feed as well. No fair! We LOVE to see what contestants have stupidly said on their Twitter feeds before being cast to Big Brother.

According to her official CBS Big Brother 13 bio, Kalia Booker is a writer and amazingly enough, that does actually appear to be what she does for a living. You know how it is on Big Brother usually. They say they are an accountant, but they are actually an aspiring model/actor who once did their own taxes. They say they want to be a doctor, they are actually studying acting classes in college, not biology. That sort of thing.

But no, Kalia Booker really does appear to be a writer — unless there are two of them out there doing the same kind of gigs. We checked out quite a few Kalia Booker articles at, mostly about fashion and nightclubs, etc. From the articles it appears Kalia previously lived in New York before moving to Los Angeles quite recently. We did discover in one of these articles that Kalia apparently speaks German and spent a summer traveling through Germany and “got wasted no matter what beer was thrown in our faces.” Despite, of course, being underage according to American law. There’s no such stinking thing as underage in Germany!

We also found articles from Kalia in various other locations around the Net, including this one at News One for Black America (part of the BlackPlanet Universe) on the Steve Harvey Mentoring Weekend.

Now, Kalia may not be yet another typical Big Brother ‘model/actor’ type per se, but she does have that pageant background more than a few female BB houseguests have laid claim to. We found a pic of Kalia apparently singing her heart out at the 2005 Miss MidState Scholarship Pageant. Although she did not win the pageant, she did win both the Overall and Non-Finalist Interview Awards. A Kalia Booker was also apparently a contestant in the Miss Philadelphia 2005 Pageant. She ran on the platform of “In Search of Me – Promoting Positive Role Models in the Media to Deter Eating Disorders and Poor Self-Image.” She was the runner-up in that pageant.

Oh and yes, at some point back there in the past at Upper Dublin High School in Philadelphia — Kalia Booker’s home town — she may have indeed been dreaming of an acting career. An article on talks about a Kalia Booker leading “her classmates through the bouncy moves she had choreographed for the opening number of Return to the Forbidden Planet.” Apparently, back then, this Kalia Booker was also fond of Timberland construction boots. Sadly, in a poll at picking the top five most talented female alumni of Upper Dublin High School, Kalia Booker scored no votes.

So, okay, maybe Kalia really is just another damn aspiring model/actor wannabe after all. But then again, would you honestly go out for Big Brother if you didn’t have that in you somewhere?

Kalia has managed to lock up most of her personal info on the Net, but we did discover she has a sister named Dr. Erin Brett Booker Bowman and brother-in-law named Brandon Bowman who live in Atlanta. Kalia was the Maid of Honor at their wedding. They are a seriously cute couple too. Oh, and it looks like Kalia’s mom is a doctor as well according to the article, Dr. Naomi Johnson-Booker. And look out guys, according to her Facebook profile, Dr. Johnson-Booker is single and looking for men! Speaking of Atlanta, there is also a Kalia Booker listed as a Spelman College alumni of 2003, but we couldn’t verify it was the same person.

A Kalia Booker apparently follows the blog and once commented on a pole climbing monkey video. The website linked to her username on the blog, however, is now defunct and sadly could not even be revived via The WayBack Machine.

At some point back in 2009, a Kalia Booker posted under the ID “Special Agent Change” here quoting Barack Obama doing a bit of light Republican bashing. So we can probably assume that this Kalia Booker was an Obama supporter and likely a Democrat.

So far this year we haven’t had the fun of coming across any nude pics, criminal records or other naughty bad stuff in the Big Brother 13 houseguests’ backgrounds. Ah well. Either they have picked a much less raunchy batch of contestants this year… or they are doing a much better job cleaning up after themselves on the Net than they used to!

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