Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 3 Block Nominations (07/22/22)

Big Brother 24 has a new Head of Household, and he wants blood. The only problem is that he wants it from the wrong source. Matt Turner won Head of Household and set out to get to the bottom of the Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli vote flip. After Pooch left and Turner won HOH, the houseguests decided to put the target right back on Taylor Hales–the house’s favorite target and this season’s block star. 

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The houseguests have been making sure to let Turner believe that the only reason Pooch left was because of his sporadic gameplay, and Taylor did a great job campaigning to stay in the game. Turner has quickly followed suit and plans to target Taylor this week.

With Big Brother introducing the Festie Bestie twist, with Taylor’s nomination, Nicole Layog would also be on the block next to her. Taylor is Turner’s target, but whether he tries to take her out by the back or front door is the only mystery with Turner’s nominations. 

He’s been considering using Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes to backdoor Taylor. Michael has won the first two Veto Competitions, which makes him likely to win the next competition, especially because Turner’s Fiestie Bestie, Jasmine Davis, may once again be unable to compete in the Veto Competition. This means it would be Michael facing off against Brittany, Turner, and the random pair of Fiestie Besties selected. 

So did Turner take a direct shot at Taylor or is a backdoor plan in motion? Read below to find out!



Turner nominated Brittany and Michael for eviction.

The target is Taylor, but if somehow then nominations stay the same, which is highly unlikely, then Brittany is going home before Michael. The Veto selection will really determine if there is even a chance for something different that a Taylor or Brittany eviction this week.

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