Big Brother 12 Houseguest Profile: Matt Hoffman

Big Brother 12 Houseguest Profile: Matt Hoffman

Matt Hoffman - BIG BROTHER 12 (CBS)

Matt Hoffman, 32, is a web designer from Elgin, Illinois. He describes himself as “intelligent, creative and sweet-talker”. His favorite activities include “playing music, writing music, watching TV,” hockey, drinking and “annoying people for my own amusement.”

The hardest part of living in the Big Brother house for Matt was “the frustration of not knowing all the major world and pop culture news that’s happening all around you.” It is kind of like being in a bizarre time machine that way when you’re on BB.

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More Tidbits About Matt Hoffman

Matt said part of his strategy to win Big Brother iwas to leave all his emotions and his “real life” at the door of the Big Brother house. He planned on going 100% game as soon as he walked in. So far, he’s done exactly that – including lying through his teeth at every opportunity. He is so far from real life, he’s told the other Houseguests his wife has a terrible disease, when she’s perfectly fine! We predicted at the beginning of the season that Matt would end up being a total jerk-off with a severe attitude problem. We were right.

Matt has tattoos, lots of them, very colorful ones. On a guy this skinny and generic looking, the sad thing is, they don’t even really look that cool. Just kind of like some kid went crazy on him with a bunch of crayons. He is, however, VERY proud of them. “My tattoos, coming into BB, are my greatest asset,” he told People. Matt is seriously weird.

Matt also claims he is a genius and “really condescending… It’s something that I’ve tried to work on but everyone aggravates me.” He has certainly proven this statement true.

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Sleuthing Matt:

Obviously Matt wants to impress everyone with his musical prowess, since he mentions it somehow in every statement, interview or video he can shove it into. Although personally, we would never have admitted to being in a band called Shooting Blanks. Ouch.

You can check out a website for the band here, which apparently fell apart in 2007. Matt says on the website that playing music “makes me feel sexy” and most of his music is inspired by “a long night of drinking.” The primary message of his songs? “The world is your vagina – get drunk and f**k it.” You can read a lot more random stuff from Matt in various interviews and reviews about the band here.

Matt apparently likes the F-Word extremely a LOT. We would use the F-Word to describe his music pretty much. But not in a complimentary way. There are still active MySpace and Facebook pages for the band, which list Matt as responsible for vocals and guitar in the band.

Matt is a member, so obviously he’s been a reality TV whore kind of guy for a while. Check out his profile and a rather painful picture here. He says in his profile that he is straight and married. Apparently he only just got hitched not too long ago. We pegged him for a single before we found out about the recent nuptials. He just kind of screams awkward single guy to us. We saw absolutely no hooking up for Matt going on after dark. Not because he’s married – but because he’s seriously creepy and kind of gross. We did not, however, predict he would turn the gay guy in the house into his “cuddle-buddy”. That was just STRANGE.

Our Thoughts on Matt:

Matt just seems to breed a feeling of instant dislike. He also actually looks like a Hamster kind of, which disturbs us when we’re talking about the BB Houseguest hamsters. He’s smarmy; you can just feel it dripping off him. He obviously also seems to think he is really awesome and everyone else should worship him.

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This means he probably has extremely low self-esteem and isn’t that gifted in the bedroom, if you get our meaning. We don’t believe Matt’s claims about being able to leave his ’emotions’ behind when he enters the BB house. We really hoped we’d get to see Matt cry on camera before he left the house, but at least we did see him pissed off as hell when he realized he was screwed.

We predicted Matt would probably make some very strong enemies if he lasted long in the house. Indeed, he managed to seriously piss off a number of the other Houseguests – including his long-term BFF in the house, Ragan. We don’t really think even any of his alliance members ever really liked him. We said he’d stab anyone in the back if it helped him out at any time and we were right.

Chances of Winning:

We though it was possible Matt might make it all the way to the end. However, a stupid move throwing that Head of Household Competition left him out in the cold.  In this case, it’s nice to see the asshat NOT win for a change!

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