Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 84: An Eggtreme Day

For the majority of this Big Brother 21 day, the final five houseguests got to relax. The started their day off with a late wake-up time, then enjoyed some origami, where they made various creatures and whatnot. The main event, however, was the Easter Egg hunt. The houseguests got to decorate hard boiled eggs with dye, then they got to hide the eggs around the house. Then then had to find them. It was very much their own version of Hide and Veto, but without the complete house destruction.

Each houseguest had five eggs that they color coordinated. They also had special baskets corresponding to the houseguest. After each player took turns hiding the eggs, they all had to search the house for the eggs. Players were eliminated when all five of their eggs were found.

This hiding and searching went on for a few hours before the houseguests eventually gave up. Jackson Michie was declared the winner because he had the least eggs located at the time of the forfeit. The houseguests then had their usual taco Tuesday.

This Big Brother 21 day was very light on game talk. One of the few game moments was when Holly Allen and Tommy Bracco discussed whether he should tell Nicole Anthony and Cliff Hogg III about his prior relationship to Christie Murphy. He told Holly that he trusted Jackson and her, but he was worried that it might come out.

He wanted to give Nicole and Cliff all the facts so that they could make the most informed decision on who to evict this week. He told Holly that he was leaning towards telling Cliff and Nicole (today) on Wednesday as part of his campaign. He also told Holly that he wouldn’t do anything to slander her name. She also said that she would have a clean campaign, and that she didn’t plan to slander Tommy.

The main event going into today is whether Tommy actually tells Cliff and Nicole, and if it’ll sway their decision.


Towards the later half of the day, Holly and Jackson discussed her campaign to Cliff and Nicole. They also mentioned that Tommy had a bomb to drop about an extra evicted houseguest. Holly started campaigning a little to Nicole, and she discussed it with Cliff. They said they knew Jackson and Holly were going to try hard with this campaigning but they were still leaning towards keeping Tommy and evicting Holly.

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