We have reached the final push in Big Brother 21, with only 16 days left in the game. Only one person, Tommy Bracco, stands in the way of the final four agreement between Jackson Michie, Holly Allen, Nicole Anthony, and Cliff Hogg III coming to fruition at the end of this week. Tommy and Holly are on the block for eviction, and the vote this week will test just how strong the final four alliance really is between these houseguests.

Big Brother 21

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Michie was forced to nominate his showmance partner and final two ride-or-die partner to the block when Nicole pulled out another late-game victory by winning the latest Power of Veto competition. She used the power to save her final two and ride-or-die partner Cliff, who was on the block at the hands of Michie, but he was only there as a pawn. Tommy is the real target for Michie, but he doesn’t have any say in who goes to the jury house this week. That power is firmly in the hands of Cliff and Nicole…and they are wavering on who to send out the door.

After agreeing to work together a few weeks back, Michie, Holly, Cliff, and Nicole have had a rather impressive run in the Big Brother 21 house. They have five consecutive HOH wins and four POV wins. The only competition the foursome hasn’t captured was a POV win by Tommy in week 10. Needless to say, the alliance has been strong and more importantly loyal to one another, but is all that about to end?

Nicole and Cliff have been put in a very tricky situation this week that will certainly dictate the end of the game for both of them. They must decide what is best for their game moving forward and that includes deciding on whether or not to honor their final four alliance with Michie and Holly. They can either keep true to their final four deal, which shows great loyalty on their part, or they can vote out Holly and potentially increase their odds at securing a spot in the final three. This is definitely the biggest decision in the game so far in Big Brother 21.

Let’s look at both options a bit closer. If they choose to keep with the final four deal and vote out Tommy this week, they will be left to battle it out with Michie and Holly. That puts them in a 2v2 situation. At the end of the day, they know Michie will always chose Holly over them and vice versa. Both Michie and Holly have impressive resumes to be taken into consideration by the jury also. The two are definitely a power couple, but Nicole and Cliff are in a position to send one of the power couple home.

On the other hand, if they vote out Holly and end the run of the power couple, that will leave Michie alone. That would put them in a 3v1 scenario instead of the aforementioned 2v2. In addition, Tommy has promised Nicole that he would go after Michie if he is saved and remains in the game. That would be a big help to Cliff and Nicole and their quest to make it to the end.

The wrench in the plans for Cliff and Nicole is a rather large secret that Tommy let out of the bag but only to Michie and Holly. Tommy revealed to them that he has known Christie most of his life, and he explained that she and his aunt were in a serious relationship for quite some time. Michie is contemplating telling this little tidbit of info to Cliff and Nicole to prove that they cannot trust Tommy going forward. Michie and Holly have not yet decided whether or not to tell them this info. Right now, they still feel pretty safe that Cliff and Nicole will vote out Tommy and not Holly. But, this is Big Brother and always expect the unexpected.

Big Brother 21

Nicole Anthony & Tommy Bracco discuss option in the game right now.

Nicole seems pretty steadfast in her decision to vote out Holly over Tommy, but she is only one of the two votes to be casted this week at the eviction ceremony (unless a tie, of course). Nicole has been trying to gently nudge Cliff in the evict Holly direction over the last day or so. Cliff and Nicole are both taking this decision very seriously as they understand the result will greatly effect their end game in the Big Brother 21 house. They have until Thursday evening to make a final decision, and who knows what can or will happen in the house between now and then.

Big Brother 21

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