Celebrity Big Brother 3 Episode 15 Recap: Season Finale

Tonight is the night all of the Celebrity Big Brother fans have been waiting for since premiere night. This is the season finale, and either Todrick Hall, Meisha Tate, or Cynthia Bailey will be crowned as the latest Big Brother winner. They are the celebrities that made the final three in the Big Brother house.

This season’s winner will receive a $250,000 grand prize, and America’s Favorite Player will receive $25,000. A jury of eight will vote for the winner. All of the previously evicted celebrities will vote this evening except Chris Kattan, who left the show unexpectedly. The jury will include Teddi Mellencamp, Mirai Nagasu, Chris Kirkpatrick, Shanna Moakler, Caron Kressley, Lamar Odom, Todd Bridges, and the final evicted houseguest from the final three.

Round 7 Live Eviction Vote Aftermath

Todrick confesses to Cynthia that he is the biggest Big Brother fan in the world. He explains how he has watched every season and every episode. Cynthia quickly surmises that is the reason Todrick is the only celebrity that has never had a seat on the block this season.

Todrick also made sure his I’s were dotted, and T’s were crossed. He approached Cynthia and spoke to her about the scenario if Cynthia won the final Head of Household competition. Cynthia assured Todrick that she would take him to the final 2.

Round 8 Head of Household Competition

This final Big Brother HOH is called Shout-Outs, and here is how it works. The three remaining celebrities will be shown seven short video clips made by the former celebrity houseguests. Each video will feature three statements about the houseguest giving the shout-out. They must choose which statement is false. They will be awarded one point for each correct answer, and the celebrity with the most points will win the final HOH.

After just six rounds, Meisha won the final HOH competition. She must now choose which houseguest she wants to sit beside for the final jury vote. She must choose between Todrick and Cynthia.

Meisha made her last eviction, and that choice was to evict Cynthia. Todrick and Meisha are the final two Celebrity Big Brother houseguests vying for the crown.

During her exit interview with the host Julie Chen Moonves, Cynthia said that both players had respectable games. She admired both of their games. Cynthia said she has a soft spot for Todrick because he took her under his wing after Carson was evicted.

Final Celebrity Big Brother Jury

The final eight members of the Celebrity Big Brother jury are seated. They listened to the final plea from Meisha and Todrick as to why they deserve to win this season of Big Brother.

The final votes are as follows:

Cynthia voted for Todrick
Todd voted for Meisha
Lamar voted for Meisha
Carson voted for Meisha
Shanna voted for Meisha
Chris voted for Meisha
Mirai voted for Meisha
Teddi voted for Meisha

The final three for America’s Favorite Player are Lamar, Carson, and Shanna. The winner of AFP was Carson. He said he will donate a significant portion of his $25,000 winnings to his charity True Colors United.

Join us again in just a few short months for the next season of Big Brother.

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