Celebrity Big Brother 3 Episode 14 Recap: Double Eviction Night

Todrick Hall finally had his day in the sun on Celebrity Big Brother 3 and won the latest Head of Household competition. With only 5 houseguests remaining, Todrick decided to nominate Lamar Odom and Todd Bridges to the block for eviction this round.

The only other remaining celebrities are Todrick’s ride-or-die Meisha Tate and Lamar and Todd’s ally, Cynthia Bailey. The Power of Veto in this round will be critical for the end game of Celebrity Big Brother 3. As it stands now, the house is divided into 2 (Todrick and Meisha) against 3 (Cynthia, Todd, and Lamar). This POV will determine if the house is equally split with power or if it’s lopsided going into tonight’s double eviction episode.

Round 6 Block Nomination Aftermath

Todrick knows that Todd is the newest threat in the Big Brother house. He and Meisha know that Todd needs to go before he wins any other competitions. Todrick and Meisha feel like the end of the road is in sight.

On the other side of the Big Brother house, Todd shares with Cynthia and Lamar that he is upset that he wasn’t advised about being put up on the block beforehand. He feels betrayed because he has played with Todrick and Meisha the entire game. He was very loyal to them, and they did not return the favor.

Lamar is very upset that Todrick is not acting as a gracious winner. He is prancing through the Big Brother house singing the song he made up for the block nomination ceremony. Todd and Lamar plan to teach him a lesson in the POV competition later.

Round 6 Power of Veto Competition

This competition is called Celebrity Luge, and here is how it works. Two players will face off against one another in each round riding their luge down the slope. They will be given a different time in each round, and the player closest to that time will win. The winning player will pick the next two players to face off against one another. The last player standing wins the golden Power of Veto.

In the first round, Meisha beat Cynthia. She picked Todd and Todrick in the next round, and Todd won. Next, Todd chose Meisha and Lamar and Meisha won. The final round will be Todd and Meisha against one another. Todd won the veto competition.

Todd is thrilled he has accomplished achieving some revenge on Todrick and Meisha for putting him on the block. Todd will use the veto to take himself off the block leaving only Cynthia to go up in his place. This is a worst-case scenario for Meisha and Todrick.

Round 6 Power of Veto Ceremony

At the POV ceremony, Todd used the power to take himself off the block. Todrick placed Cynthia on the block as the replacement nominee.

Round 6 Live Eviction Vote

At the live vote, either Lamar or Cynthia will be evicted. The votes were as follows:

Todd voted to evict Cynthia
Meisha voted to evict Lamar

Due to the tie vote, Todrick cast his vote to break the tie. Todrick voted for Lamar. During his exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Lamar said he was a bigger threat going into the final rounds of Big Brother. Lamar also shared that Todd will be his new sober living coach as Todd has been sober for 33 years. Congrats to Lamar for his sobriety and for being a part of Big Brother.

Round 7 Head of Household Competition

This competition is called BB Flicks Film Festival, and here is how it works. In each round, the players will hear a recording of friends talking about what type of movie they want to watch tonight. The players must pick which movie satisfies all their friends. There will be 7 rounds. The player with the most points after 7 rounds wins HOH.

There was a three-way tie between all three remaining houseguests going into the final round. Whichever houseguest answers this last question first wins the HOH and is guaranteed into the final 3. Meisha answered the last question correctly first and won HOH.

Round 7 Block Nomination Ceremony

Meisha nominated Todd and Cynthia to the block for eviction. Todd is most likely the target for eviction so he needs to win the last POV of the season to save his Big Brother game.

Round 7 Power of Veto Competition

This competition is called Frozen in Time, and here is how it works. Julie will ask the houseguests a question about an event that happened on a specific day during the Big Brother season. The answer is the day that even took place. They must roll their ball down the slope to lock in the day the event occurred. The person with the most points after 9 rounds will win the golden POV.

After 9 rounds, Todrick and Meisha were tied. During the tiebreaker question, Meisha answered the closest and won the golden power of veto. She will definitely keep the nominations the same. Todd, most likely, will be evicted tonight.

Round 7 Power of Veto Ceremony

Meisha holds the golden POV. She decided to leave her nominations the same. Either Todd or Cynthia will be the second evicted houseguest of the evening. Todrick will cast the only vote for eviction.

Round 7 Live Eviction Vote

At the second live eviction vote of the evening, Todrick voted to evict Todd. During his exit interview with Julie, Todd said Todrick played the best game in the Big Brother house. He said that Todrick played an awesome social game and worked the entire house.

Julie announced that since Chris Kattan left the Big Brother game early, there would be only 8 people voting for the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 3. In the event of a tie, America will vote for the winner. More info to follow on finale night.

Join us here for the Celebrity Big Brother 3 finale on Wednesday, February 23.

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