Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 78: Nicole, the Deciding Vote Queen

It was pitch day in the Big Brother 21 house as Jessica Milagros and Cliff Hogg III tried to fight for their Big Brother lives. Jess had Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco on her team backing her up, but Cliff had the comfort of his new final four with Jackson Michie, Holly Allen, and Nicole Anthony on his side, at least that’s what he thought.

Nicole doesn’t make decisions in the game based on emotions. She uses logic and reasoning, so she implemented that tactic once again when trying to pick who to evict between Jess and Cliff. She recalled that Jess had cried to her not too long ago about not trusting Nicole, but now claimed that she was her ride or die.

Cliff had been loyal to Nicole most of the game, but he was a deals man. He could make a deal and leave her in the dust. If Nicole got rid of Cliff, she angered three people but with Jess, she really only angered one or no one. By the end of the night, Nicole settled on keeping Cliff. However, the fact that Nicole was even weighing her options worried him.

Meanwhile, Tommy and Christie were very anti-Jackson and Holly. They pumped themselves up and tried to work on Cliff and Nicole to go after the showmance tonight. Nicole and Cliff also discussed if they should stick with their final four deal with Jackson and Holly or switch to Tommy and Christie. They settled on nominating Tommy and Christie, but putting up Jackson as a replacement if either of them wins the Veto.

There was discussion of throwing the next Head of Household Competition, but we’re sure everyone will be going after it when they find out that tonight is a double eviction. Despite thinking it was a lost cause, Jess campaigned to Holly and Jackson. Her pitch was basically that no one could beat Cliff in the end, and that Jackson has a weak resume. Him taking out Analyse Talavera and her is not going to win him Big Brother 21. He needed to get out a bigger target like Cliff to beef up his resume.

It’ll be very interesting going into tonight’s double eviction because almost everyone is vulnerable for eviction at the moment.

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