Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 77: Jess Tries to Get Nicole to Flip on Cliff

For the past few weeks, the Big Brother 21 houseguests have waited until Wednesdays to start campaigning. They may start fights on Tuesdays, but they wait for the real gaming to occur on Wednesday. Jessica Milagros decided to start early by teaming up with Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco to work on getting Nicole Anthony on their side.

They knew Nicole would be a hard vote to get but a critical one to save Jess from eviction this week. Nicole is Cliff Hogg III’s closest ally, so we can’t imagine many scenarios where she votes him out, but the trio had to try.

Basically, their pitch was that they could form a new foursome and go after Holly Allen and Jackson Michie. They said now was the time for Nicole to think about her long term game, and her own game. It was better for her to team up with them than working with the other three. Tommy also got a bit of confirmation that the new foursome had formed. He caught them having a late night meeting. This seemed to fuel Tommy’s plan even more to keep Jess and take out Cliff.

He wanted Jess to add a few seeds of doubt about Cliff so that Jackson wanted him out over her. Christie wasn’t sure that Jess could or would lie. Instead, she thought the best bet was convincing Nicole to form a new group. Prior to her discussion with Jess, Nicole mentioned how this week was hard for her because she would have to pick between allies.

She loved Jess but had been working with Cliff more. She was also not sure if staying true to the new foursome was really the best move, but Cliff really wanted to go that route. The houseguests had an early eviction where they voted out Frederick “Fred” the centipede. He was evicted from the house and set free.

Later, Tommy and Christie added the one, two punch campaign to Nicole explaining why Jess would be a better person to keep for all of their games. However, they would vote whichever way Nicole decided, because Michie said he didn’t want to break a tie.

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