Big Brother Power Rankings Week #10-Which Player is Safest Going into the Double Eviction [POLL]?

We are a little over 24 hours until the Big Brother 21 houseguests get a major shakeup. They’ve gained a false sense of comfort as they have expected a double eviction for weeks, only to have it not come to pass. Now all their double eviction fears are about to come true.

It’s been an interesting week in the Big Brother 21 house, once again, as we approach the first (and probably only) double eviction night of the season! Has there been much movement in the Power Rankings or have things stayed status quo during Jackson Michie‘s second Head of Household reign?

Let’s dive into the rankings and find out.

7. Jessica Milagros

Well, Jessica Milagros’s number is finally up. I didn’t really anticipate it being this soon, but the various duos in the house are holding firm and protecting one another, while makes her the odd one out. Jessica has nobody to blame but herself. She’s had opportunities to either stay off the block or push for Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy to go up alongside each other, but she just sat on her hands instead. She’s been a disappointment overall with the exception of the one week where she took out Jack Matthews. Other than that, Jess has really been a worthless houseguest and a terrible casting choice. Sorry, not sorry. Maybe she’ll be a decent juror but I wouldn’t count on it.

6. Christie Murphy

Big Brother 21 Christie Murphy

While Christie is safe this week (thanks to Tommy), I worry about Christie in the double. The thing is, in light of learning that Christie and perhaps Tommy would come for them, I’m not sure what direction Holly Allen and Jackson would go in if they were to have the deciding votes between sending one of her or Tommy home in this upcoming double eviction. I am not confident anymore than it would be Christie. Also, Cliff Hogg III and Nicole Anthony have at times pointed out what a threat Tommy is. So while I have Christie much lower than Tommy, things could change. Generally, I think Tommy is in a better social position and could perhaps tug on the heartstrings of the voters if he’s on the block beside Christie on Thursday night. Christie has really been harder to live with and just a more aggressive personality throughout the summer, and believe it or not that could make the difference if the voters are not thinking clearly.

5. Jackson Michie

Jackson is also pretty likely to go home in the double eviction. If Christie or Tommy are Head of Household during the double, Jackson is in a lot of trouble and will need to win the Power of Veto in order to have a shot. That said, if he is able to survive, he’ll be able to compete in the following Head of Household competition and will have a good shot to possibly win this game. It feels insane saying that, but it’s possibly true. He generally has the respect of his peers on the jury and it’s undeniable that he’s been dominant in the competitions recently. The double eviction is the best shot for the rest of them to get rid of him. However, I’m fairly confident Nicole and Cliff would be directed towards getting rid of Tommy or Christie instead. I can’t blame them for that either, that duo is also a big threat and they have no deal to speak of. At least Jackson and Holly will likely do what they can to advance their foursome to the final four if they have anything to say about it. Loyalty has been made a big deal this season and I think of all people Jackson values that the most.

4. Nicole Anthony

While Nicole is probably the safest going into the double eviction, I’m worrying more and more about whether she can win this game. I think everyone likes her but perhaps they don’t think that’s enough to award her the victory against generally more active and aggressive players. There’s still a lot of game left and I know she wants to make her mark on this game. The issue Nicole continuously runs into is that she can’t make up her mind. Nicole prides herself on being able to listen to everyone and give everyone a chance but it’s made her seem wishy washy and untrustworthy, which has hurt her reputation somewhat throughout the course of the season. I’m not sure how a jury would ultimately view her as part of it would depend on her opponent, but I don’t think it looks fantastic. That said, she has to get there first. While I think she has a great shot to do so, anything can happen over the course of the next few weeks. I’m interested to see if she starts winning competitions and what moves she makes with any power.

3. Cliff Hogg III

Cliff is on the block this week, because Jackson made terrible nominations, but he’s most likely going to stay. Both Holly and Nicole should be keeping him and Jackson would break a tie in his favor. Of course, anything can happen, as Tommy and Christie are pushing to keep Jessica, but right now it doesn’t look all that promising. If Cliff survives, I think he’s in a decent spot down the stretch. I do think he’ll need to win an HoH or PoV to ensure that he can make the finals because everyone can see what a threat he really is in this game. If he somehow makes it, I think he’s one of the most likely people to win. I just continue to have doubts that he’ll be able to do that. Nicole might be the only person willing to take him to the final two and that’s not even a sure thing at this point.

2. Tommy Bracco

Big Brother 21 Megaphone Leak-2

Tommy has been sticking his neck out for Christie and Jessica probably more than he needs to. I think Jackson and Holly might end up targeting him over Christie if they arrive at that conclusion on Thursday. It’s so up in the air and really either of them could go. I have a bit more faith in Tommy to do some scrambling during the double eviction if he’s caught in the cross-hairs. I’m not confident in anything at this point though, and I have to think he’s probably the smartest person the rest of them could take out in the double. Sure, Jackson is a huge threat to win too but I think he’s not going to do well at the mental competitions down the stretch, whereas, Tommy can perform both physically and mentally. The rest of them need to get him out as he’s very likely to win if he can make it, and unlike Cliff, he can win competitions to get himself there.

1. Holly Allen

It’s really hard to put any houseguest at number one because just like everyone else, Holly could go in the double eviction. If Tommy or Christie win HoH and targets her and Jackson, and Jackson wins the PoV, Holly would be likely to go. I still think she could survive that if she’s sitting beside Cliff, but it’s hard to say for certain. Even if Jackson were to be evicted during the double, Holly would be able to re-integrate pretty easily, and in a lot of ways I think that him going could be really good for her in order to establish some independence and rekindle her bonds. She has a fairly clear path to the end but honestly this is the most wide open the final six will have been in a long time and this could go in any number of ways, but I’ve continued to like her chances throughout the course of the game and for now I’m sticking with that.

That’s all for this weeks power rankings. Are you on the same page as us? Let us know what you think, and we’ll see you back here next week after the double eviction, when we’ll be down to just five houseguests! Can you believe it?

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