Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 76: Jackson and Holly Regret Not Evicting Christie

It was Labor Day Monday, so of course the Big Brother 21 houseguests were more about celebrating than game talk. However, there was still a little gaming going on as Tommy Bracco took his ride-or-die Christie Murphy off the block, and she worked to help Jessica Milagros stay in the Big Brother house.

Christie and Jess discussed trying to get Holly Allen to play her own game and vote out Cliff Hogg III over Jess. Jess also mentioned that Nicole Anthony was debating whether to keep Cliff or her. Christie said if that was the case, then they were fine. They already had the vote.

She just advised Jess to tell Holly and Jackson Michie that her goal was to target Tommy and Christie, but really she would throw the Head of Household to Christie and let Christie take out Jackson. Meanwhile, Cliff and Nicole discussed Jackson being smarter than he lets on, but Cliff still thought it was the better move to go after Tommy and Christie before Jackson and Holly.

They also said that they couldn’t rely on chance and had to win the next Head of Household competitions instead of hoping that the other two duos went after each other. Meanwhile, Holly and Jackson debated who they should take out first between Christie and Tommy. Jackson thought Christie was more loyal to him than Tommy was to him, and Holly thought Tommy was more loyal to her than Christie was to her.

Jessica and Tommy both decided to talk to the camera (aka us) today. Tommy discussed how he missed home, but he would fight hard to continue in the game and go far. Jess discussed how she didn’t understand how she was more of a game threat than Cliff.

The houseguests played matchmaker and discussed which houseguests they believed were better matches with whom, like there was some debate whether Jack Matthews and Kathryn Dunn would be a good match, or whether David Alexander and Kat were a good match.

The night ended with the houseguests having a Labor Day BBQ with a grill, food, and booze.

After the Labor Day celebration, Cliff told Jackson and Holly that Christie told him that the duo is working with both pairs, and that Cliff shouldn’t believe he’s only working with them. This let Jackson and Holly know that they can’t trust Tommy and Christie. They started to talk about regretting not getting Christie out when they had a chance and now they for sure had to win this week’s Head of Household or they were going on the block.

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