Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 10 Power of Veto Ceremony Results (09/02/19)

Jackson Michie made a huge error by not nominating Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy besides one another. This left the door wide open for Tommy to win Veto and take Christie off the block. Luckily, once again, Christie wasn’t his target, so this wasn’t a huge blunder for his intended week’s goals.

However, logically, it’s going to hurt his and Holly Allen’s games big time. Everyone can kind of see that Jackson is trying to play the middle by keeping two pairs and taking out the only person not in a pair. Jackson’s other error is not trying to take out a stronger player than Jessica Milagros.

Jess has performed well in memory competitions, but we’re not sure if she’s going to excel in the upcoming competitions that test player’s memories of days and events. Christie, Cliff Hogg III, Tommy, and Nicole Anthony are likely to excel in those, which could make Holly and Jackson very vulnerable to eviction, especially this Thursday.

Tommy debated a little whether to save Christie with the Veto. He didn’t want to seem too loyal to her by saving her with the Veto twice in a row, but he couldn’t risk his lifelong friend going home this week. Jackson already promised that if Jess or Christie came off the block, Cliff would be safe.

Cliff trusts their word, but Nicole isn’t too sure.

So what did Tommy ultimately decide?



Tommy used the Veto to save Christie. Cliff went up as a replacement nominee. On Thursday, Jess or Cliff will be the first player to leave in the double eviction. They will soon be followed by another one of the remaining six players, taking us to the final five.

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