Big Brother 18 Recap: Will Power of Veto Save Frank? 7/27/2016

Big Brother 18 houseguest Frank Eudy has been avoiding the eviction hammer for weeks thanks to some clever gameplay and fortunate competition wins. If his ally and stool pigeon Bridgette Dunning had not won Head of Household two weeks ago, he very well might have gotten the boot back then.


With Bridgette as HoH, however, Frank was doubly protected. Not only was Frank immune from eviction because Bridgette was on his team, but she also basically did everything he told her the whole time she was in power. So even if he hadn’t had that team immunity, he would have sailed through that week with Bridgette as his meat puppet.

Last week, veteran Frank Eudy ended up safe again because his team member Paulie Calafiore won HoH, giving his entire team immunity. Once again, if Frank had not had that protection, he very likely could have ended up going out the door.

This time around, however, there was no safety net under the eviction block for Frank Eudy. As soon as fellow veteran James Huling won the Head of Household Competition, Frank was target number one to go up on the block.

James even went so far as to go against his solemn promise not to put up Bridgette just to make sure she wouldn’t have a chance to win the Power of Veto and take Frank off the block. Even though it put him at odds with his showmance cuddle buddy Natalie Negrotti!

Big Brother James and Natalie

James was smart enough, however, to know that leaving Bridgette free to possibly win the PoV and save Frank was a terrible idea. Especially with the whole house wanting her up to make sure Frank wouldn’t end up getting saved by his ally. Instead, if she won the PoV as an eviction nominee, she’d have to use it on herself to guarantee her own safety.

So that’s where we left the Big Brother 18 cast on Sunday night after the Veto Ceremony, with James putting Frank and Bridgette up on the block.

Bridgette is sad, upset and angry that James lied to her about not putting her up on the block. She cries and wails to Frank. He tells her not to “cry little Cabbage Patch Kid.”


Meanwhile, Da’Vonne leads a “storage room dance” with Nicole, Zakiyah, and Paul over Frank and Bridgette finally going up on the block. Michelle is also thrilled and happy that either Frank or Bridgette is going home. She doesn’t like Bridgette because she thinks she’s totally fake.

Frank confronts James about lying to them about his eviction nominations, especially for putting up Bridgette after telling her he wouldn’t and making her so upset. James says he likes playing the game and it’s Big Brother. He says every time there is drama, Frank’s name is right in the middle of it. Frank says he has a stigma attached to him that is not fair, and it’s really Da’Vonne who is the source of all the drama in the house. He wants James to put Day up if one of them come down.


Time to pick players for the Veto Competition. Head of Household James, eviction nominees Bridgette and Frank will all compete, of course. For the extra players, James draws Michelle. Bridgette wants to pull Natalie because she might save her from the block, but instead she picks Da’Vonne. Frank draws Nicole as the last player. This basically means that everyone playing in the Veto except Frank and Bridgette are totally out to evict Frank this week.

The Veto Competition this week is the infamous OTEV challenge and this time around OTEV is a rude as hell frog DJ. The houseguests are tasked with sliding down waterslides into a pond and searching through go to find the right ‘records’ to answer OTEV’s clues. Then they have to climb back up the waterslides and hope they got the right record and not end up last and get eliminated.


James intentionally wants to throw the competition, so he goes too slow and eliminates himself. He says he’ll need some cuddle time with Natalie tonight to deal with his “loss”.

Next round and Michelle totally faceplants and she looks like she’s covered in blood on her face, but it’s just dye. Michelle manages to recover from falling on her head and gets back to the top of the water slide before Da’Vonne. So Da’Vonne is eliminated next.


Nicole manages to get herself eliminated next, leaving only Michelle to compete against Frank and Bridgette to make sure neither of them wins Power of Veto. She’s feeling the pressure of nine other people all wanting her to win and keep Frank or Bridgette from getting the PoV. Michelle barely makes it back up the waterslide before Frank and he is eliminated.

Frank is now hoping Bridgette will win because if she comes off the block, at least they might still have a chance to get someone else up who might be a bigger target than he is. Bridgette knows she has to win to keep herself, and maybe Frank safe as well. But she just can’t quite manage to go fast enough and loses out the last round to Michelle.


Frank says even though he and Bridgette have lost the PoV, he still thinks there is a chance he might be able to pull some tricks out of his sleeve and still save them both. After the competition, Frank pulls Michelle into the lounge room and tries to talk her up about using the Veto to shake the house up and flip things around. He wants to try to appeal to her ego about making a big game move and entertaining the viewers because she’s a superfan right, so that would be cool for her right?

Michelle tells Frank the only way he might save himself is to throw Bridgette under the bus. He says she should use Veto and backdoor Da’Vonne. Michelle is not going for it though. In Diary Room she says she wanted to work with Frank but he chose to work with Bridgette, so that left her feeling salty. Michelle tells Frank maybe if he could get all the votes he needs for a flip, she might consider it. But he says he needs the Veto used on him first! She’s just not falling for his stuff, even if in Diary Room she says she might think about it.


James and a bunch of the other houseguests see Michelle and Frank talking. James and Da’Vonne are worried that Frank may somehow talk Michelle into going against the house. Paul comes in and says he is going to break that whole thing up. He goes in and tries to, but Frank basically throws him out. Then Zakiyah crashes the party, followed by James and Da’Vonne. Frank complains to them and tells them to let him have a minute to plead the Veto winner to use it on him please!


Corey and Nicole are interrupted making out in the dark by a furious Paul telling them and Paulie he is over Frank trying to sway Michelle to use the Power of Veto. So Paul goes and confronts Frank and asks him what his end game is if somehow he comes off the block. Paul basically vents his paranoia all over Frank that he could end up on the block yet again if Frank is talking to people behind his block. Paul is not really making a lot of sense, Frank is as confused at Paul’s ranting as the viewers are, but the two of them yelling at each other is pretty fun.


Michelle tells James and Natalie that even if she did use the Power of Veto, Bridgette would still go home over Da’Vonne. James says he is going to call a House Meeting. Everyone is like, what? Bridgette asks Frank if she should go like she’s his pet. Paul kicks off the meeting and says they should just talk about the Power of Veto and get things over with.


Frank says he wants the Power of Veto used and Da’Vonne put up in his place. Michelle says anyone who would vote against Day, raise their hands. No one does. Frank says well no one is going to admit they might vote against Da’Vonne while she’s in the room. Paulie speaks up and says he doesn’t like this whole House Meeting confrontation thing but Frank just needs to get the point the numbers are against him. That pretty much ends the whole thing and everyone goes back to what they were doing. Frank is left shut down and rather flabbergasted.


Bridgette tries to hash things out with Michelle because she feels Michelle won’t ever talk to her and all she gets is crap from her. Michelle says she and Frank used to be close and Bridgette swooped in and got between them. Michelle says Bridgette is just playing this whole innocent act. Michelle totally blows her off and it’s obvious how much she doesn’t like her.

The Veto Meeting has arrived and Michelle has the power to use the PoV or not. However, if she were to do something crazy like use the Veto to take Frank off the block, nine people in the house would be coming after her. Michelle gives both Veto players a chance to beg for their cause. Neither of them really say much of anything because they know there is nothing going to change Michelle’s mind.


Michelle wisely decides not to use the Power of Veto and leaves Frank and Bridgette as the final eviction nominees this week. Frank says you never know, maybe he’ll find a Coup d’état this week or something (or something being a distinct possibility). Bridgette is sad because her best friend in the house is looking like the next evictee and it will leave her alone in the house. She says she is not going to campaign against him. Michelle worries that if Bridgette should win Head of Household next week, her butt will be the next one up on the block.


That’s a wrap!

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