Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Week 9 Power of Veto Ceremony Results (08/27/18)

Faysal Shafaat and Haleigh Broucher have been working together all Big Brother 20 season. It hasn’t been an easy road for them. Their path has been filled with distrust, betrayal, and questionable game moves, but despite it all, they have remained together and on the same side all Big Brother season. Now they’re about to be torn apart.

Big Brother Power of Veto Box

When they both went on the block, they made light of their situation. However, things came crashing down when they both lost the Power of Veto competition. Add insult to injury, Faysal only lost the Veto competition by one point. This was an extra hit to Faysal’s ego because he had said earlier that there was no chance that Kaycee Clark would beat him in the Power of Veto competition.

Their only hope is if Kaycee decides to use the Power of Veto to save one of them. Yesterday, Faysal made an attempt to get Kaycee to use the Veto to save him or Haleigh. He made an okay pitch to Kaycee but it didn’t cause even a dent in her final decision.

Today, Kaycee plans to not use the Veto, and keep nominations the same. This will ensure that Haleigh or Faysal leave the Big Brother 20 house. Most likely Faysal will be the one competing against Scottie Salton, Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, and Bayleigh Dayton to return to the game.



Kaycee did not use the Veto. On Thursday, either Faysal or Haleigh will leave the Big Brother 20 house.

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