Big Brother 20 Episode 27 Recap: Next HOH On the Line

We are finally headed into the last quarter of the Big Brother 20 season and a Head of Household win is more important now more then ever.  After the Hive lost 2 of the last 4 members of their alliance in the last 2 weeks, that alliance is fairly dead and gone.  Haleigh Broucher and Faysal Shafaat are the remaining members fending for themselves at this point in the game.  If Haleigh can’t pull off a win to protect herself and Fessy this week, they could very well be the next targets on the block.

Big Brother 20 HOH

Level 6 alliance is sitting pretty at the moment.  They have managed to come out without any damage to their crew over the last 2 weeks even though none of their group has even managed to win a HOH competition.  With 4 members remaining, they have the largest group together still in the Big Brother 20 house.  If they play their cards right, the last quarter of this game should be a cake walk for Level 6.

Live Eviction Aftermath

Now that Scottie has been evicted from the Big Brother house, will Fessy realize he targeted and eliminated the only true alliance member he and Haleigh had left in the house?  Will he continue to believe that he and Haleigh really have a final four alliance and pact with Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans?  Fessy’s game just may be over soon if he doesn’t realize how the other houseguests, especially Level 6, are playing him in the Big Brother house.

Head of Household Competion

Tonight’s Big Brother 20 HOH competition is called Sweet Shot.  The houseguests must search for tokens in a large ball pit filled with colored balls with just a few holding the valuable tokens inside.  Once they find a token inside the balls, they must turn the token into Fessy (the host) for a chance to roll a ball down a conveyor belt.  If the houseguest can roll the ball directly into the red cup at the end, they win the HOH competition with a perfect shot.  If they are unable to reach the red cup, they receive a score based on how close they manage to come to the red cup.

If the houseguest is satisfied with their score, they can simply wait for the other houseguests to finish playing the game.  However, if unsatisfied, the houseguest may reenter the ball pit in search of another token to play again.  The tokens are transferrable and can be given to another houseguest if wanted.  The houseguest with the first perfect shot or with the highest score within one hour of play will win the HOH for week 8.  The stakes could not be any higher.  Let’s play.

Big Brother 20 HOH

With only 15 minutes left in the competition, Angela realizes that no one has locked in a score from her alliance, and she decides to step up to the plate.  She rolled a score of 39 and decided to keep her score.  Tyler comes through with a score of 38 but that’s not enough to knock Angela off the top.  In Haleigh’s final shot, she isn’t able to beat 39 and Angela is crowned the new HOH for week 8 in the Big Brother house.  She is the first houseguest to win a second HOH competition this season.

After the Level six win, they took a moment to celebrate the fruits of their labor.  However, Haleigh interrupted their celebration and put 2 and 2 together rather quickly.  She realized Angela and Tyler, who just made an alliance agreement with her and Fessy, were letting loose with Brett Robinson and Kaycee Clark.  Haleigh immediately brought this to Fessy’s attention who tried to blow it off as not possible.  Fessy is still out of touch with reality, but Haleigh is finally starting to catch on and play Big Brother.

Block Nomination Ceremony

Angela must decide who she wants to nominate for eviction this week in the Big Brother house.  The least amount of blood on Angela’s hands this week would be by nominating Sam for eviction.  Angela is skittish to put up Haleigh and/or Fessy as this will blow her ‘supposed’ alliance with them.  She is in quite a predicament as the number and choices are dwindling inside the Big Brother house.

Haleigh makes a questionable move by speaking with Angela and sort of offering to be a pawn for her on the block next to Sam.  Fessy takes matters into his own hands and approaches Angela about the nominations.  After his talk with Angela, he went to Tyler about the noms as well.  In the end, it was Fessy and Haleigh that ended up arguing about the noms.  Haleigh didn’t like the way Fessy was speaking over her and asking her not to speak when talking with Tyler.  Being inside the Big Brother house may just be finally getting to these houseguests.

Angela can’t decide whether or not to target Sam and out Haleigh up as a pawn or….nominate Fessy and Haleigh to the block.  If Angela does the latter, she can insure that either Haleigh or Fessy goes home this week providing the Power of Veto doesn’t go entirely wrong.  Angela has a lot to consider for her game and at this point in the competition.

Big Brother 20 Nominations

At the nominating ceremony, Angela decided to pick Fessy and Haleigh to sit on the block for eviction.  Fessy was definitely shocked when he was chosen to be on the block.  Finally Fessy is starting to see the error of his ways with some of his game play decisions in the last  couple of weeks.  His decisions have been poor at best.

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Big Brother 20

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