Big Brother 23: The BB Bucks High Roller’s Room Money Totals Breakdown Week 2

Last week, Big Brother 23 host Julie Chen-Moonves introduced a new twist into the Big Brother game. This twist allowed viewers to text vote for their favorite houseguests to receive $100 or $75 BB Bucks. The remaining houseguests would all be given $50. The Big Brother bucks could then be used to buy a chance to win a power.

Big Brother 23 High Roller's Room

On last Sunday’s episode, we saw that the powers available are Veto Derby, Chopping Block Roulette, and Coin Of Destiny. The Veto Derby is no longer in play because Kyland Young won that one. It allowed a second Veto to enter the game if the person the player bet on won the first Veto.

That competition only cost $50 coins, so everyone had an opportunity to play for that one last week but only a few played. Let’s look at where the coins began and where they are now.

Derek Xiao $100

Britini D’Angelo $100

Derek Fraiser $100

Hannah Chaddha $75

Tiffany Mitchell $75

Xavier Prather $75

Alyssa Lopez $50

Kyland Young $50

Sarah Beth $50

Claire Rehfuss $50

Azah Awasum-$50

Kyland, Sarah Beth, Claire, Tiffany, and Derek F all played in the Veto Derby, which took their BB Bucks to (in this order): 0, 0, 0, $25, and $50. Now we know more BB Bucks will be given this week either through another vote, a challenge, or both. So let’s break down what everyone could potentially end up with this week in terms of BB Bucks (just if it’s another vote to reward $50, $75, or $100).

Derek X could end up with either $150, $175, or $200

Britini is likely to be eliminated this week and go to $0, but if she isn’t eliminated, her potential earns could be either $150, $175, or $200.

With Derek F’s remaining $50, he could end up with $100, $125, or $150

Hannah and Xavier could end up with $125, $150, or $175

Tiffany could end up with $75, $100, or $125

Alyssa and Azah  could end up with $100, $125, or $150

Kyland, Sarah Beth, and Claire could end up with $50, 75, or $100

The next power is worth $125 BB Bucks, which means everyone can potentially play for it, depending on how many bucks they get this week, except Claire, Sarah Beth, and Kyland. No one will have enough for Coin of Destiny yet. 

The Chopping Block Roulette has the potential to remove one nominee from the block and let the other go up by chance (a dice roll).

Who plays for Chopping Block Roulette will depend on the Head of Household and nominees. Everyone can also decide to not play, leaving the power still in play until next week. I doubt the houseguest will let this one pass up, especially the nominees, so I suspect it will come into play this week.

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