Big Brother 23 Episode 17 Recap: HOH & High Rollers

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 23 should be a fun one loaded with lots of action! We left off the last episode with the eviction of competition beast Christian Birkenberger. The week five HOH, Derek Xiao, executed a perfect back door plan to eliminate Christian when the opportunity presented itself. He did not hesitate, and it paid off.

High Rollers Room

Tonight, the week six HOH competition winner will be crowned, but that’s not all. The premiere of the latest twist called the High Rollers room inside the Big Brother 23 house will be unveiled. America voted for their houseguest to receive the most BB bucks to use in the High Rollers room. Those results plus all the drama from the last eviction will be revealed tonight on Big Brother.

Week Six Head of Household Competition

This week’s HOH competition is called Name That Croon. The Big Brother 23 houseguests will face off against one another two at a time. They will hear a short snippet of a BB lounge song describing a BB23 competition played this summer. The houseguest must be the first to correctly identify the song being from an HOH, Wildcard, or POV competition.

If the houseguest answers incorrectly or their face-off partner answers before they do, they are eliminated from the game. The winner of the round will pick the next two houseguests to face off against one another. The last houseguest standing wins the week six HOH competition.

Big Brother Name That Croon

During the competition, Azah Asasum told Kyland Young she really wanted to win. They are in the same Big Brother alliance together called the Cookout. Azah and Kyland went up against each other and Kyland won. Azah didn’t hesitate to tell Kyland how she felt about the situation.

The final round of the competition was Kyland versus Tiffany Mitchell. Kyland was willing to throw it to Tiffany, but she picked the wrong answer. Therefore, Kyland is the new Big Brother 23 HOH. This is his second HOH victory.

Week Six HOH Competition Aftermath

Azah was furious with Kyland for handling the HOH the way he did. She leaned on Xavier Prather for support, and she told him Britini D’Angelo will be on the block again and probably going home this week.

Kyland told fellow Cookout alliance member Derek Frazier that his top three targets are Claire Rehfuss, Alyssa Lopez, and Britini, and in that order.

Kyland and Azah had a heated discussion as to why he didn’t throw the HOH her way. Kyland kept telling Azah his reasoning was to keep the Cookout alliance hidden. He explained that this is his priority and his ultimate goal. By continuing to choose her for each round, that covered up the fact that they are in a Big Brother alliance together.

Big Brother 23 HOH Kyland Azah

Kyland and Big D had a long talk about who to nominate and target this week for eviction in the Big Brother 23 house. In the end, Derek offered to be a pawn for Kyland this week to protect Britini and Azah from being nominated to the block. Big D made a generous big offer that may come back to bite him later.

Week Six Block Nomination Ceremony

Kyland nominated Claire and Big D to the block this week for eviction. Kyland made some snide remarks about the HOH competition made him re-evaluate his game. This made him make some changes to his game-plan.

Big D is keeping quiet about being a pawn for Kyland this week to Britini and Azah, his fellow Jokers. He doesn’t think they have very good game faces and will tell others about his plan.

High Roller Room Is Open

There are three rewards available in the High Rollers room. They are as follows:

First – for 50 BB bucks, you can try for luck on Veto Derby. You can place your bet on who you think will win the next POV competition. If you are correct, you will win a second POV.
Second – for 125 BB bucks, you can play Chopping Block Roulette. If you win this game of balance, you can remove a nominee from the block. The spin of the Roulette Wheel determines their replacement.
Third – for 250 BB bucks, you can play Coin of Destiny. Win this game of skill, and you can overthrow the HOH with a simple coin flip.

A power can only be won once and only used in the week it was won. This week, the only eligible game to play is Veto Derby as it only costs 50 BB bucks. They also announced that there will be additional ways to earn BB bucks other than what America votes to give houseguests each week.

BB23 Tiffany

The houseguests to receive 100 BB Bucks this week were Britini, Derek X, and Big D. The three houseguests to receive 75 BB bucks were Hannah Chaddha, Xavier, and Tiffany. The 50 BB bucks recipients were Sarah Beth Steagall, Azah, Alyssa, Kyland, and Claire.

SB decided to play Veto Derby and use all of her 50 BB bucks. Claire, Kyland, Big D, and Tiffany also played this week. The scorecard was Kyland:9, Big D:5, Claire:4, SB:4, and Tiffany:0. They will be able to bet on who they think will win the POV. They will place their bets after players have been picked for the POV. Tiffany lost her chance to bet because she finished in fifth place and scored zero points.

Join us on Wednesday, August 18 at 8/7c for the POV competition and outcome of the new bets.

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