Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 18: The Curse of the All Women’s Alliance

The Big Brother 21 house had a lot of downtime before the Power of Veto started. Everyone wanted to play for prizes, and a few actually wanted that Veto. Many of the Big Brother 21 houseguests found themselves lusting over the possibility of sipping drinks, tanning, and enjoying the beaches in Fiji. For one of the few times ever, most players wanted to compete in the Veto competition.

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Prizes are nice and all, but Kemi Fakunle and Jessica Milagros wanted gold around their necks. The two (former?) Black Widow members found themselves both in real danger of eviction this week. Kemi continued to be Jack Matthews’ enemy and Jessica was creating a target on her back by denying the women’s alliance thing.

During the Veto picking ceremony, Jessica found herself manipulated by Jackson Michie because she picked him to play in it over her actual allies like Kathryn Dunn and Nicole Anthony. Neither would have stuck out their neck for her by using it, but she had a better chance of being saved with it with them. Jackson even stated to his allies that he would try not to win the Veto. He wanted to win the prizes.

Winning the prizes was on most of their minds. Jackson said he would win it if he had no other choice, meaning if it was just Jess, Kemi, and he left. Jack also considered not trying to win this Veto, but Christie Murphy and Jackson told him that she should probably try for the Veto.

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Prior to Veto, Jessica continued to try to make sure everyone believed that she didn’t try to start the women’s alliance. Jack overheard one of her conversations about it, and tried to suggest that she stop talking to people about it before she alienates them. Jess said she understood what he was trying to say but she didn’t want people spreading lies about her.

Later, Jack and Isabella Wang discussed who to really target this week. Jack said he would prefer Kemi to leave because she was directly going after him, and she had more potential as a game threat. Bella agreed but they discussed a path that involved not evicting Kemi. Jack seemed open to that possibility, but only if they could somehow mend things between Kemi and him.

After the Veto,  Gr8ful tried to decide who to take out this week. They wanted to take out the target that was the most threat to all of their games, not just Jack’s game. Kemi seemed like the bigger threat because she came second in this week’s Veto competition, which showed her to be a better competitor than Jess. Kemi was also handling her possible eviction a lot better than Jess. After Veto, Kemi also tried to campaign to Sam a bit. She knew he wouldn’t use it on her but she still tried to talk game with him.

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Kat also had a talk with Kemi to let her know that she’s close with Jess, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she has her vote.

Ovi Kabir, Nicole, and Cliff Hogg III discuss forming an alliance. They also discuss who to put a target on and decide Bella, because of how she outed the Black Widows. They discuss using David Alexander to stir the pot. They want to get Jess to blow up the fact that Bella was really the one who formed the Black Widows. They plan to push Jess to expose Bella after the Veto ceremony, because Ovi doesn’t want her ending up on the block and going home this week, this would make her one of his opponents during a possible Battle Back scenario. He also wants to look really good in comparison to David if the houseguests vote someone back into the game.

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