Who Was Evicted Tonight on Big Brother 23? (8/19/21)

Tonight on Big Brother 23, we will see who Kyland Young puts on the block as his final nominees after winning the second Power of Veto of the week. Kyland also won Head of Household this week and initially nominated Derek Frazier as his pawn and Claire Rehfuss as his target.

Big Brother 23 Britini 2

Britini D’Angelo has been told she is the replacement nominee for Claire after Tiffany Mitchell worked her magic and convinced Kyland to let Claire stay in the Big Brother house. If Kyland nominates Britini to the block, this will be her fourth trip to the block in only six weeks. Will Britini’s luck finally run out? Also, a new Head of Household will be crowned. Let’s get the tea on tonight’s Big Brother.

Week Six Power of Veto Ceremony

At the POV ceremony, Kyland chose to use his golden power on Claire and took her from the block. His replacement nominee was Britini. No surprise there.

Alyssa also had a POV to use this week. She decided not to use her golden power at the request of Kyland. The final nominees are Big D as the pawn and Britini as the target.

Big Brother 23 Big D Brit

As expected, Britini had another mental breakdown after being nominated once again. Her main ally in the Big Brother house is her former teammate from the Joker’s, Big D. He consoled Britini, but he has not let on to her at all that he knew about Kyland’s plan all along.

Should She Stay Or Should She Go?

The push is on to save Britini. There are a few houseguests that feel saving Britini and voting out Big D would be better for their Big Brother game. Claire and Derek X both want to vote out Big D, but Tiffany and Hannah Chaddha are doing their best to convince them otherwise.

Week Six Live Eviction Vote

After both houseguests gave their final speeches to stay in the Big Brother house, the votes were cast as follows.

Xavier Prather voted to evict Britini
Hannah voted to evict Britini
Claire voted to evict Britini
Derek Xiao voted to evict Britini
Azah Azasum voted to evict Big D
Tiffany voted to evict Britini
Sarah Beth Steagall voted to evict Britini
Alyssa voted to evict Britini

By a vote of 7-1, Britini was evicted from the Big Brother house. During her exit interview with fabulous host Julie Chen Moonves, Britini said the houseguests were afraid to take her on in a final two. She knows this is a game, but she does feel betrayed by Claire and Tiffany. Britini is the first member of the Big Brother jury.

Week Seven Head of Household Competition

This competition is called Dash for Dinner. The houseguests must race, one at a time, across a balance beam filled maze to the finish line. If their time is longer than 45 seconds, they are immediately eliminated. The houseguest with the fastest time wins the HOH competition. The times for the houseguests are as follows.

Claire   34.97 seconds
Alyssa DQ
Big D DQ
SB 21.03
Azah DQ
Hannah DQ
Tiffany DQ
Derek X DQ
Xavier DQ

SB is the new Head of Household in the Big Brother 23 house.

High Roller’s Room Voting Week Two

America can vote again for their favorite Big Brother houseguest to receive BB Bucks to use in the High Roller’s room this week. Text the name of the houseguest they want to vote for to 97979. 10 votes are allowed per fan. The top three vote-getting houseguests will receive 100 BB Bucks, the next three 75 BB Bucks, and the remainder will receive 50 BB Bucks. Voting is open until 8/20 at 9 am PST.

Join us on Sunday, August 22 at 8/7c for the block nominations and the High Roller voting results.

Julie Chen standing next to large Big Brother sign with palm trees in the background.

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