Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 7 Head Of Household Results (08/19/21)

Kyland Young had a very chaotic Big Brother 23 Head of Household reign, so many are looking forward to a less chaotic reign, or a more chaotic reign but in a different way. We’re almost eight weeks into Big Brother 23, and we have yet to see a woman take over the Head of Household role. The women have the house majority, and with Kyland not playing this week, that means there are six women to three men playing in it, it might be time for a woman to take control.

Big Brother Week 7 HOH

Xavier Prather is likely to continue to throw Head of Household competitions, so it’s really six to two, and Derek Xiao is the only one of the men that really wants it. It also seems like Xavier is aiming the next target at Derek X, so if it looks like Derek X may win this Head of Household, Xavier may try to win it as well. Otherwise, we would assume that this week’s Head of Household competition will end with a woman winning it. This could really shake up the game.

The remaining players have been throwing out a lot of scenarios, including a few where Cookout members might nominate two Cookout members to throw off suspicion and try to use one of the High Roller’s Room powers in their favor. It’s also hard to predict who will end up a target this week because everyone is starting to form new allies, suspicions, and goals for the back half of the game.

Whoever wins this week’s Big Brother 23  Head of Household competition, I’m sure we’re in for an exciting HOH reign. it was a beam HOH where the houseguests had to take turns moving through a beam to get the other end. The houseguest to get to the end the fastest became HOH. 

So who won this week’s Big Brother 23 Head of Household Competition? Read below to find out!



Sarah Beth wins HOH

Sarah Beth won Head of Household!

Kyland is likely safe this week unless the roulette ends up putting him on the block.

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