Big Brother 22: All Stars Cast Assessment

It’s 2020 and Big Brother All-Stars 2 is here. I’m not sure this is a sentence I ever expected to say, but here we are. It’s all happening. We hope everyone out there is safe and well. We’ll be here for the next 80-something days to bring you Big Brother 22 content about this very special all-stars season.Big Brother 22 Cast-Kevin, Janelle, Da'Vonne, and Cody

Without further ado, let’s jump into our cast of the Big Brother: All-Stars houseguests, and assess how well they might do in the house this time around.

Da’Vonne Rogers

Da'Vonne Rogers with Daught Kadence

Who isn’t excited to see Da’Vonne again? It’s been four summers since we’ve seen her on Big Brother, but she has had a few appearances on MTV’s The Challenge where she contended much better physically than expected. Da’Vonne is always a fun, charming personality to watch, but she’s usually her own downfall. I think and hope that she’s had enough experience in her reality television career to make a deeper run this time. If she can keep her cool and find the right group to work with, she’s a dark horse to win this.

Cody Calafiore

Derrick Levasseur is not playing Big Brother 22, but his right-hand man is trying to lead the game. Cody was not necessarily the most interesting houseguest on Big Brother 16 but he played a good game and got to the final two. I’m sure it’s haunted him that he’d be $500,000 richer had he taken Victoria Rafaeli to the final two instead, and that will likely drive him to right the wrong he made years ago. He’s definitely charming and a good social player, but his reputation could precede him a bit. I expect that he makes the jury but won’t fare as well as he did the first time.

Nicole Anthony

Nicole Anthony Big Brother 22 Intro

It was just last summer when Nicole Anthony came into our lives, and I think most of us were glad to have her as a bright light last summer. I don’t expect her to have changed much in a year, but perhaps, she’s learned to trust her intuition and believe in herself, two things that may have held her back last year. I’m not sure how well she fits in with this older cast of veterans. However, I also don’t see a reason for anyone to want to gun for her early in the game. I feel that she’s likely to be nominated as a pawn because of her personality.

Kaysar Ridha

Kaysar Ridha with his wife on Big Brother intro

Wow. I didn’t expect to be talking about Kaysar in 2020, but here we are. Everyone knows Kaysar failed to make the jury in Big Brother 6 and Big Brother 7. Could the third time be the charm? I think so. Despite being an obvious pair with Janelle Pierzina, she’s going to stand out as the bigger target. Kaysar has always been likable and fun, and without a lot of friends in the house (like he had in the first Big Brother All-Stars) he’s much less threatening. I can imagine Kaysar making a deep run if his heart is in the game.  I imagine that he didn’t leave his family for a summer vacation, I think he came to play.

Daniele Donato-Briones

Big Brother 22 Daniele Donato-Briones Intro

The excitement is just building up more and more because it’s amazing to see Daniele Donato again, especially without her father. I feel that Daniele is focused and thoughtful. As long as her social game, which is usually strong, is up to par with her strategic and competition game, I think she’s looking pretty good. I’d hate to see her fail. I also think she is dying to get her hands bloody and play the game. Sign me up, I’m hoping to see her tear the house up this summer.

Memphis Garrett

Memphis Garrett on Big Brother 22

Honestly, I’m surprised to see Memphis here too. I always thought he was somewhat underrated as a player because he got so overshadowed by Dan Gheesling. He’s had some more life experience, and he is a very successful businessman, which can only help. As long as he’s seen as non-threatening and finds himself in the right alliance, I think he shouldn’t be out early. If there’s any fear about an all-guy alliance, eyes could be on Memphis, but he’s generally easy-going. Another interesting wrinkle could be his relationship with Keesha Smith. I’m wondering if they are coming in on good terms because that really could make it or break it for the both of them.

Bayleigh Dayton

Bayleigh Dayton Big Brother 22 Intro

This will be the first time Bayleigh has been on a reality television program without her husband Christopher “Swaggy C” Williams, despite his likeness being in the house. I don’t know if it’ll be great for her to not have that sounding board and someone to keep her calm, but I think she has some friends in the house that can hopefully provide that for her. I’m not super optimistic about her chances, especially since I feel like she can sometimes come off a little cold. We’ll see what happens but I’m sure it’ll be exciting to watch her.

Kevin Campell

Kevin Campbell

It’s pretty neat to see Kevin here, someone who we also didn’t expect to see until the last minute. He’s a fun personality that so many of them are going to be drawn to. I think he’s for sure going to work with a lot of the women in the house. As long as he can make decent relationships with the men too, and come off as non-threatening, he should be able to make the jury without too much difficulty. And then people should really watch out if he makes it deep because he was so close to winning Big Brother 11. He has it in him to go the distance. I’m feeling pretty good about his chances.

Nicole Franzel

Big Brother 22 Nicole Franzel

We’ve got Nicole Franzel here and she’s certainly a big name. I know it’s been said that she was pre-gaming quite a bit, which I don’t know if that’s really a good or bad thing. As a winner, I think she’s an easy early target, and justifiably so. I worry about her chances but if she can sneak her way through the first few weeks and get lucky with who has power, she could surprise some people. It certainly seems that she still feels she has a lot to prove and that can be a surprisingly strong driving force.

Tyler Crispen

Tyler Crispen on Big Brother 22

Tyler is probably coming in with a pretty big target. The benefit he had in Big Brother 20 was that he could play off being a lovable, surfer guy. But people know his game and Bayleigh especially does. I wonder if he’s going to play aggressively or try to lay back early on. I feel like he’s going to be scrambling a little because he’s not with some of the people he expected to see. However, Tyler is certainly a capable player and can get his way out of it. We’ve never really seen him play from a position of not being in power though, so we’ll see how that shakes out. This could go a few different ways for him.

Christmas Abbott

Christmas Abbott on Big Brother 22

Not everyone is thrilled to see Christmas here, but I am optimistic. She only made it thirteen days before she broke her foot last time. She was a shell of herself for the rest of the season. I expect to see a different Christmas and I hope she’s a bit more take-charge about her game instead of playing second fiddle to someone. She’s a strong, independent woman, so she certainly has it in her to stand on her own. I’m ready to see it happen, and if she has made the right friends before and in the early days in the house, she should be okay for at least a little while.

Ian Terry

Ian Terry on Big Brother 22

It’s exciting to see Ian here, certainly, and with something to prove. People don’t give him credit for his win and I think he is well aware of this. He may have some difficulty making bonds early on like he did in his original season, but he’s a smart guy. Certainly he could be a target for being one of the only two winners in the house, but he’ll probably try to lay low and not make any waves. Hopefully for his sake, they won’t notice what a late-game threat Ian really is.

Keesha Smith

Keesha Smith on Big Brother 22

For me, this was one of the biggest surprises, and I couldn’t be happier to see Keesha here. She’s a fan favorite from Big Brother 10 and had an exciting run. Ten plus years have gone by, so it’s going to be very interesting to see where she’s at in her life, and how she approaches the game differently. It seems she was somewhat of a last-minute addition, so I’m not sure how connected she is, but her game was very social in her first season. I have faith in her ability to make inroads and get herself into a good position and make a deep run into this game. Here’s to hoping anyway!

David Alexander

David Alexander on Big Brother 22

I’m not sure what to make of David being here, and I’m not sure what the rest of the cast will either. Most of them probably didn’t expect to see him,  because he’s somewhat of an unknown quantity. I could see a world where he’s an early target. But, he could surprise his houseguests, and America, by showing some game chops. He certainly was perceptive in Big Brother 21 but he wasn’t in the game when he was making keen observations which could be a difference-maker.

Janelle Pierzina

Big Brother 22-Janelle Pierzina

Janelle is here. Let me say that again. Janelle is here. She is the face of Big Brother and surely people know that, so she easily could be a target. But at the same time, are people going to want to slay a fan favorite? I’m not sure. Eventually sure, but not right away. She and Kaysar are going to be under a magnifying glass for sure, but if they are connected well enough with the rest of cast, I don’t see a major issue. Certainly, eyes will be on her though, she’s freakin’ Janelle!

Enzo Palumbo

Big Brother 22 Enzo

The Meow Meow is here. He’s always the class clown and people will certainly like and gravitate towards him. I think who he decides to work with is so important. He might gravitate towards the guys but I’m not entirely sure that’s the right strategy for him given how things shook out last time. I’m pleasantly surprised to see him here and am very curious what to expect from him throughout the summer.

And that’s a wrap! This is certainly one of the best casts we’ve ever seen and I’m very excited to get into this. We look forward to a fun, long, safe summer with you all.

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