Big Brother 18: Final Power Ranking – Paul Abrahamian

Paul Abrahamian on paper has the best resume in the game based on being an underdog early on and now surviving to the final three.

Big Brother 18's Paul Abrahamian
Big Brother 18’s Paul Abrahamian

Paul was on the block week one and survived by winning the power of veto. He lost Jozea, Victor his close buddies in back-to-back weeks. He stayed loyal to Paulie who used the POV on him, despite not wanting Da’vonne to go he surrendered to Paulie.

I think the is the only big error in his game is that he did Paulie’s dirty work for him. But he was part of the house flip that evicted Zakiyah and the next week, later was made by his closest ally Victor.

Paul convinced Victor to nominate Corey and Paulie together, which ended Paulie’s reign of power in the house for good. In week nine, under Natalie and Michelle’s HOH, the girls decided they wanted Paul out. Paul won the weather alert power of veto after staying up all night to study.

He formed an alliance with Corey, Nicole, Victor and they took out Michelle the next week. Paul then lost Victor after Corey won HOH and Nicole won POV, but he kept his head in the game. He won the final four HOH, POV and decided to get Corey out of the house.

He’s had a bumpy ride, but I do feel he is the most deserving. I think what could hurt Paul is him calling Michelle the “C” word because the jurors might not respect that.

I think Paul should take James because he would likely have Victor, Corey, Nicole, Paulie and Zakiyah to win. I think if he takes Nicole that she will edge him out in jury votes potentially 6-3 with him only receiving Victor, Michelle and Bridgette.

So, with that, we are putting Paul Abrahamian in second place in our final Big Brother Power Rankings, with Nicole in first place, and James in third place.

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