For the second week in a row, the houseguest (HG) most likely to be evicted was sent packing out the Big Brother 18 door. Victor Arroyo, as predicted, was the next HG booted on Thursday evening after a resounding 9-1 vote. Victor now joins his ally Jozea Flores, and early evictee Glenn Garcia, as they wait for the Battle Back competition in a couple of weeks where one lucky HG will re-enter the game.

Big Brother Episode Sunday

After Victor’s quick goodbyes, the HGs headed into the backyard to play ‘Kiss My Ace’ for Head of Household. This was a tennis themed game played in rounds with players looking to survive each round by having the higher scores. The player with the lowest score of each round was eliminated. The last player left standing was named HOH for the week.

Just when you thought the veteran players were starting to put together a solid plan for fellow veteran Frank Eudy’s demise, his team won the HOH competition. This left Frank safe from eviction this week, and more importantly, he is probably calling the shots without getting much blood on his hands. Bridgette Dunning, Frank’s personal little spy birdie, won HOH and will be making Frank’s, I mean her nominations to the Block this evening on CBS Big Brother.

We will also get an update on the imploding alliances in the house. The 8-Pack and the Fatal 5 both had issues with their own players. Talks had begun on how to get Frank out of the house as well as Tiffany Rousso during the last episode. Frank clearly dodged a bullet with his teammate Bridgette winning HOH, but Tiffany may not fair so well this week.

We are pretty sure Frank will be calling the shots for Bridgette, unless she decides to start playing her own game all of a sudden. Frank has not been very quiet about his distrust of Tiffany and his desire to have her evicted sooner than later.

Big Brother Episode Sunday 3

After Bridgette nominates two players to the Block, the HGs will compete in the ‘Road Kill’ competition. This will allow one HG to secretly nominate a third member of the house to the Block. So, tonight’s episode should clearly answer whether or not Bridgette is really calling the shots this week or if veteran Frank has taken control of the Big Brother house.

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