Big Brother 18: Final Power Ranking – Nicole Franzel

Nicole has had a season of ups and downs, but I believe she is the favorite at this point. Nicole is likely guaranteed final two because Paul is likely to take her and if she wins, she gets to choose who is in the chair next to her.

Big Brother 18's Nicole Franzel
Big Brother 18’s Nicole Franzel

Nicole really only started to play the moment James cancelled Corey’s vote, but her endgame has been really impressive. She told the lie that convinced Natalie to put up Paul and Victor, which guaranteed her and Corey safety.

James evicted Victor, who returned to the house squarely against Jatalie. But Nicole convinces James to throw her HOH in exchange for his safety. Nicole evicted Michelle, Victor won HOH and a new final four formed by Paul, Victor, Corey and Nicole.

Corey won HOH and they decided to make a power move as a couple to take out Victor, which worked. Paul won HOH, he decided to take out Corey over Nicole because he believed Nicole to be weaker and that just helped Nicole even more.

Nicole had questioned taking Corey to the final two, and she likely needs him as a jury vote if she wants to win. But Nicole’s resume of winning the late game power of veto, which sealed Victor and Michelle’s fate is impressive to the jury.

I think she can get Corey, Paulie, Zakiyah, Natalie, James and Da’vonne over Paul and against James, I think she can win with votes from Corey, Paulie, Zakiyah, Victor and Paul.

It’s a close vote either way, but if she backs up her game, then she has a good shot at winning. So that’s why she’s on top in our final Power Rankings for season 18, over Paul in second, and James in third.

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