Big Brother 2020 Ep 2 Recap: Safety Suite Comp

On tonight’s episode of Big Brother 22 All-Stars, we will get a closer look inside the house to see just how all of these previous power players have been settling into their new digs. Season 16 runner-up, Cody Calafiore, won the first Head of Household (HOH) competition. How has Cody handled his power inside a Big Brother house full of veteran players?

Big Brother All-Stars Janelle Pierzina

A new twist in the game called the Safety Suite competition was teased by host Julie Chen Moonves during the premiere last Wednesday evening. Tonight, we will see exactly what this new twist is all about and who won the first competition.

The 16 houseguests have had four nights together inside the Big Brother 22 All-Stars’ house to start planning and strategizing their way to victory. What alliances have been made, who will be the first targeted for eviction, and who was able to guarantee safety this week by winning the new twist?

Have-Nots Week One

The first Have-Nots in Big Brother 22 are the Ian Terry, Nicole Anthony, Kevin Campbell, and Memphis Garrett. These were the four losers from the first HOH competition that Cody won. These four will have to endure cold showers, eat Big Brother slop, and sleep in horrible conditions for the next week. Everyone knows being a Have-not is no picnic inside the Big Brother house, especially during week one.

Head of Household Week One

Cody is visited by Nicole Franzel immediately about his nominations for the week. Cody revealed in the Diary Room that being that he has played with Nicole F. before, he does trust her more than others in the Big Brother house and could be his ride-or-die. Cody shared with Nicole F. that his first thoughts for noms this week are Keesha Smith just because he doesn’t know her at all. He also mentioned Janelle Pierzina just because this is her fourth time playing the game, more than any other in Big Brother history (or should that be “her”story).

Nicole suggested that he make an all guys alliance while she makes an all girls alliance. Then, they can share information back and forth with each other from their respective alliances. Cody seems onboard with the idea.

Enzo Palumbo spoke with Cody and got bad vibes from him with cookie cutter responses to his questions. Janelle spoke privately with Cody and shared that she wanted to work with Cody. Janelle got the impression that Cody already had a plan set in place and didn’t feel comfortable with his unclear answers.

Big Brother 22 Cody Calafiore & Memphis Garrett

Memphis and Cody have a bond right off the bat. Both want to join forces together right off the bat. Cody throws out Janelle and Keyshar Ridha as possible targets this week.

Safety Suite Twist Revealed

The houseguests are all given VIP passes. They are told that the Safety Suite will be open for the next three weeks before the Nominations Ceremony. The suite has a one-at-a time competition to win safety from eviction for the week. Each VIP pass grants each houseguest access to the suite, but access is granted as a one-time only deal. Once you have entered the Safety Suite, you may never do so again.

The winning houseguest will be able to name a plus one to accompany them in safety for the week. The plus one will also have to endure a special All-Star punishment for the week for being granted safety from eviction. Most houseguests agree that this twist has a double-edged sword. If you win or lose the safety comp, you are playing your hand that you feel unsafe for the week. putting a large target on their back.

Big Brother 22 Safety Suite

Once the Safety Suite opened, just two houseguests took advantage of the opportunity to compete for safety in week one. Keyshar and Janelle entered the Safety Suite knowing a target will be placed on their backs, but both felt they had no other choice.

For the competition, the players had to build a song in “Don’t Miss a Beat” from various sections presented to them. Acting as a DJ, they are given different sections of a remixed version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and must put those sections together in the proper order. The player to do so in the fastest time will win the Safety Suite competition.

After both houseguests competed, Keyshar won the comp and safety for the week. He chose to pick Janelle as his plus one, and she will be granted safety this week as well. Unfortunately, Janelle will endure a Big Brother All-Star punishment for the week. No doubt this puts a big wrinkle in Cody’s plans for noms this week for eviction.

Big Brother 22 Kayser Ridha

Janelle’s punishment for the week is a Big Brother All-Star costume that must be worn all week. The costume is a gigantic yellow star with flashing lights to boot. Janelle looks fab in her new outfit.

Nomination Ceremony Week One

At the Nominations Ceremony, Cody picked Keesha Smith and Kevin Campbell to the block for possible eviction. Cody explained that he did not have time to form relationships with everyone in the Big Brother house in just one week. The Power of Veto (POV) is up for grabs to save someone from the block. Tune in Wednesday night, August 12 at 8 PM/7 PM CST for the next episode and recap.


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