Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 16: The Villainizing of David

In the Big Brother game, the houseguests always turn players into heroes and villains. This season is no different. Many of the houseguests believed the Big Brother 21 house was very harmonious and like no other seasons they were convinced that they got along and would all take the game in strive, no grudges or ill will. Of course, everyone knows that’s just not how Big Brother works.

Big Brother 21 Day 16-2

Eventually, everyone hates everyone, even if just a little. Also the houseguests usually try to unite against a common enemy. This week, that enemy is David Alexander. David has become the easy target because he’s the new guy. He missed out on the last fifteen days of bonding that brought the rest of the Big Brother 21 houseguests together.

Jackson Michie has been especially annoyed by the return arrival of David. He just continues to get annoyed and pick apart everything he does. The Big Brother 21 houseguests, especially those in Gr8ful, have convinced themselves that David is this evil mastermind sent to destroy everything they hold dear. Usually agreeable Cliff Hogg III has even turned David into the villain.

David was trying to get information out of him about certain people and alliances, and Cliff tried not to answer his questions. He also told the other players about David’s questions and investigation intentions. The houseguests were starting to get more and more paranoid about David, and he kind of played with them about it. David pretended (a bit) that he saw the Feeds and knew stuff they didn’t. Isabella Wang even tried to trick him about having kids, but he caught on and said she didn’t mention that when he watched feeds.

Unexpectedly Kathryn Dunn became the voice of reason about David. She talked to Jessica Milagros about him and said she thought the houseguests were going overboard with their suspicion and disdain for him. Kat, overall, had an eventful day. Jackson, once again, tried to separate himself from her. He gave her another speech about it being not good for his game to be seen as being tight with her. She later talked to Jessica about this and mentioned believing this had more to do with Jackson wanting to get close with Holly then his game. Jess egged that sentiment on a bit. She even told Kat that Holly has been telling people that Kat was draining her energy.

Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Day 16-2

Jackson’s emotions were all over the place today. He and Jack Matthews may have been called into the Diary Room and warned about some of their comments on the feeds.

David showed the Live Feeders that the houseguests may be right (a little) to worry about him. He revealed that he could see that there is a huge alliance, like Level 6, working to take out everyone not in it. He even tried to talk to Jess and Cliff about trying to form a new alliance to combat that big one. He said that Jack was trying to run things, and you could see the fear in some of their faces during Jack’s house meeting last night.

The houseguests got a little fun surprise and hint about Saturday’s Power of Veto competition. They were shown a Big Brother and Love Island USA video that featured Brett Robinson, and Winston Hines. The promotional video also revealed that the Veto winner also wins a trip to Fiji (where Love Island 2019 is currently filming).

At night, Gr8ful had a meeting to discuss Jack’s nominations and Kat informed David about the paranoia surrounding him.

The houseguests also experienced a small earthquake, had to go in for lockdown due to a banner, and got to celebrate the Fourth of July.

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