Who are the Latest Former Big Brother Houseguests to Appear on MTV Shows?

Big Brother contestants on MTV shows has now become a regular thing. Every season, you can expect to see former Big Brother players on one or more MTV shows, especially on The Challenge. Last season of The Challenge saw the most Big Brother players ever, with more than a few of your favorites competing for the grand prize.

Big Brother Houseguests on MTV

Paulie Calafiore and Da’Vonne Rogers have basically become Challenge vets at this point. Paulie especially has become a staple on the series now, bringing his own brand of drama. Along with the Challenge, Ex-On-The Beach has also been Big Brother player heavy, with Big Brother Over the Top winner Morgan Willett, Corey Brooks, and Jozea Flores all being regulars on it last season.

If you’re someone who loves MTV shows and Big Brother, then this mash-up has been heaven. Well, it gets better. MTV is bringing some of your favorite Big Brother people back to more MTV shows.

Unlike last year, it’s not as many Big Brother players appearing on various MTV shows. Right now only Mark Jansen and Elena Davies will appear on Ex-On-The-Beach 3 and Paulie and Josh Martinez will appear on The Challenge 34. Originally, Da’Vonne was rumored to be filming this season of The Challenge as well, but she made it known that this wasn’t the case, which led to speculation about her appearing on Big Brother 21.

Also, right now there is a rumor that MTV is trying to get Big Brother 20’s Brett Robinson and Kaitlyn Herman to appear on Ex On the Beach 4. There just might be some CBS/MTV contract issues with those two. We’ll have to wait to see how It all plays out in the next couple months.

Are you excited to see Paulie, Josh, Elena, and Mark on MTV this year? And maybe seeing Kaitlyn and Brett next season<? Is there any other former Big Brother player you would like to see on MTV?

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