Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 60: Send Help, America!

Well expect a long Big Brother 21 week of tears, complaining, and woe is me attitude. This week, Christie Murphy and Analyse Talavera have settled on the fact that they will spend the next week on the block together. Yesterday, Christie believed that the universe worked for her, and it would save her by granting her a Power of Veto win. Apparently, the universe wasn’t totally against her as the other Big Brother 21 houseguests said that she did well during this week’s Power of Veto competition, just not well enough to beat Jackson Michie.

Jackson and Holly Allen had a little celebration when he won the Power of Veto. Jackson was also excited for his mother to see his performance this week during the Veto. He said he never expected to win a puzzle competition, and he was proud of himself for doing it.

Holly and Jackson also discussed Analyse’s bad attitude and they would like her to leave for that, but game wise Christie was more of a threat. Jackson said they needed to try to amend their relationship with Analyse before Thursday’s eviction. Holly agreed but didn’t know if it was possible with Analyse casting her this week in the villain role. Holly spoke about how Analyse wouldn’t even look at her or acknowledge her today.

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Analyse also spoke to others about how disappointed and hurt she was by Holly. She felt Holly had picked Jackson over her. Tommy Bracco told Christie and Analyse that they should try to mend their relationship with Holly and Jackson, and he saw their perspectives. Christie and Analyse weren’t innocent victims, they had played their own parts in getting put on the block this week.

Christie and Analyse didn’t want to hear any of Tommy’s logic, because the emotions were too high. Christie also became upset with Tommy after losing Veto. She felt he wasn’t there for her enough and was off having fun instead of comforting her. Well Analyse and Christie cried, a lot, Nick Maccarone, Tommy, and Cliff Hogg III made sure to preserve their games with Jackson.

Nick was upset earlier in the day because Tommy let him know that Sis and Christie still didn’t completely trust him. He defended himself and was annoyed that he continues to be questioned. Meanwhile, he told Jackson and Holly to trust him. He would not put them on the block and only wanted Jessica Milagros out the game. Jackson felt good and safe with Nick. Tommy also tried to make sure that Jackson and Holly knew that he was on their side.

He tried to play mediator on behalf of Christie and Analyse to Holly. Cliff was worried prior to the Veto, but Jackson assured him that Nicole Anthony and him would not see the block this week. He would consider Tommy as a good option (and he told Holly the night before that he would only nominate either Tommy or Nick in replace of Analyse or Christie).

Analyse kept hope alive that she and Christie could both stay this week. She developed a plan where she wanted to promise Jackson and Holly that the Six could get back together. She even tried to hash it all out with Jackson by expressing her concerns and hurt about being used as a pawn and not being warned that she was going on the block.

Analyse and Christie also asked America to send them help in the form of Pandora’s Box or whatever worked to keep them both in the game.

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