Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 59: Block Buddies

Jackson Michie started off his 59th day in the Big Brother 21 house with one on one talks. He tried to remain vague about his nomination plans and target. Of course, he told Holly Allen that he planned to nominate Christie Murphy and Analyse Talavera. Holly and Michie have been telling everyone that they’re playing separate games, so Holly doesn’t have much influence on his nominees this week, but she tried to play devil’s advocate and get Jackson to really think about whether taking a shot at Christie and Analyse was the best move for his (and their) game.

Holly wanted a little reassures that they could count on Nicole Anthony, Cliff Hogg III, and Jessica Milagros going forward. Jackson discussed with Cliff working with him, Nicole, and Jessica from now on, and of course Cliff agreed to it in a heartbeat. Holly was worried about the Nick Maccarone factor. She thought he might use the Veto to save Christie, so Jackson and her discussed insinuating that Tommy Bracco might hit the block if Christie came down.

Christie and Analyse were pissed when they were nominated. However, it wasn’t all bad for Analyse, because she got to take off her chicken costume. Christie and Analyse said what hurt the most was being on the block next to each other, their Big Brother bestie. Tommy also said Jackson nominating Analyse and Christie felt like an attack on the four (him, Nick, Analyse, and Christie). However, he told Jackson that it was fine and he understood. He just planned to try to win the Veto and take one of them off. After this week, Tommy still wanted to try to repair the former Six. Christie and Analyse said it was not going to happen, and they both planned to nominate Holly and Jackson next week if they stayed and won Head of Household.

Later, Analyse came up with this big plan to save Christie. She wanted Nick to play in Veto, win it, and take off Christie. She believed that she had the votes to stay against anyone. She was more worried about Christie, and didn’t want her to leave this week. Christie didn’t believe that Nick would save her with the Veto because Kathryn Dunn revealed (before she left) that Nick said his two main allies were Tommy and Analyse.

Nick later confirmed this to Nicole Anthony. He said he wanted to use the Veto to save Analyse, but wouldn’t use it to save Christie. Nicole preferred that he didn’t use the Veto at all because it put her in jeopardy of going up on the block. Analyse also told Nick not to use the Veto on her, but to use it to save Christie. Nick thought she was crazy to suggest this, and he still planned to use the Veto to save Analyse. Analyse insisted that she had the votes to stay. Nick also told Analyse that if he had to, he would vote Nicole out over Christie.

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