Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 8 Block Nominations (8/16/19)

Big Brother 21 has made Jackson Michie and Christie Murphy rivals. It may have started all the way back in week one, because when we had a Big Brother 21 Feeds Leak way back when where Christie discussed possibly targeting Jackson down the road, but couldn’t during her week as Head of Household. We later learned that they were both in the super group Gr8ful. They were able to work together for a few weeks, despite Christie constantly telling people that she wanted to target Jack Matthews and him.

Big Brother Nominations

Eventually, Christie and Jack became best friends, and with that came his buddy Jackson. It all went to hell the week that Sam Smith was evicted on Jackson’s girlfriend, Holly Allen‘s Head of Household. Private conversations got exposed and Gr8ful (which had been rebranded into the Six Shooters) was over. The past two weeks, it has been pretty obvious that Jackson and Christie wanted to go after each other.

They both were prohibited from taking at shot at one another because they weren’t Head of Household. Also for the past two weeks, Jackson and Christie have both found themselves on the block, but escaped eviction. This week could be a repeat of the last two, with Christie escaping eviction; we shall have to see. Right now, Jackson wants Christie on the block, and then he hopes that the house will finally send his Big Brother 21 rival out of the game.

Yesterday Jackson debated  who to nominate next to Christie to increase her odds of eviction. It was between Analyse Talavera and Cliff Hogg III. Obviously, Jackson should nominate Christie next to her close ally, Tommy Bracco, but he’s not willing to put Tommy on the block this week.

So who did Jackson end up nominating to try to get Christie out of the Big Brother 21 house?


Jackson nominated Christie and Cliff Analyse for eviction. Tomorrow, Jackson, Christie, Analyse, and three other players will compete for the Power of Veto.

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