Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 58: Jackson Prepares to Make a Move Against Christie

Two weeks ago, Jackson Michie and Christie Murphy basically declared war on each other. They couldn’t strike at each other because Jessica Milagros was in power and wanted to take out Jack Matthews, and then last week Tommy Bracco was in power and he tried to get the original Six back together. Additionally, Jackson won the Field Trip competition and was protected for the week. This week, Jackson finally has the Big Brother 21 power and plans to strike at his Big Brother rival.

Following the Big Brother 21 Head of Household competition, Jack and Holly Allen spoke about Jackson’s plans and goals for the week. He planned to nominate Analyse Talavera and Christie, with Christie being his target. The pair discussed possibly trying to backdoor Christie this week, but Jackson didn’t want to nominate Nick Maccarone or Tommy. Plus, he felt like Analyse and Christie declared war by dragging his name through the mud for weeks.

Prior to Jackson’s HOH win, before Kathryn Dunn‘s eviction, the houseguests scrambled to try to explain and repair what Jess revealed to everyone the night before about a new Six. Jess and Kat spoke about being disappointed in both Cliff Hogg III and Nicole Anthony for making deals that didn’t include them. Kat also tried some last minute campaigning to Christie, who kept telling her that the dynamic between Holly, Jackson, and Kat was too much of a threat to ignore.

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The houseguests felt sad about Kat’s eviction and her not hugging anyone goodbye but Jess. Holly felt the most hurt by Kat’s departure and for not doing enough to save Kat’s Big Brother game, but Jackson told her that there was really nothing she could do to save Kat. During Jackson and Holly’s private game talk, Holly clearly wanted Jackson to consider targeting Nick, if the Christie plan fell through, but he was set on Christie going out. Jackson and Holly also discussed trusting Tommy, but unsure if he was just acting with them.

Later Jackson discussed nominating Cliff next to Christie to void the deal about his vote. Cliff also told Jackson he was okay going up, just that he didn’t want Nicole up. Jackson also talked to Holly about possibly telling everyone that Christie was his target.

Later today, expect Jackson maybe to change his mind a few more times about nominations, but Christie is indeef his target.

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