Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 8 Head of Household Results (08/15/19)

Anyone not in the new Six needs to win this week’s Big Brother 21 Head of Household. Even members of the new Six might want to win it, because who knows how true the original members of the Six are to the new Six. We also need someone not in the Six to win it, so that we get another potential power shift. Otherwise, Tommy Bracco, Christie Murphy, and Analyse Talavera are about to skate all the way to final three, with Tommy probably taking home the crown without any real opposition.

Big Brother 20 Head of Household

Lovebirds Holly Allen and Jackson Michie need this win above anyone else. The majority of the Big Brother houseguests have discussed nominating and evicting one of them this week. If Jackson or Holly don’t pull off this Head of Household win, they should get ready to see the jury house, unless they get a Big Brother miracle, and we haven’t seen many of them this season.

As of now, the only remaining houseguests to not win Head of Household are Analyse, Nicole Anthony, and Jackson. If one of them win this week’s Head of Household competition, then we’ll continue this season’s pattern of no repeat Head of Household winners, though it’s unlikely that Nicole will actually want this Head of Household with the pressure she would get from all the players.

So who won the week 8 Big Brother 21 Head of Household Competition?


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It was the annual slip and slide, but called Au-Fest this year, The houseguests had to transport beer from a keg to a jar. The first houseguest to fill it up became Head of Household. At first it was pretty even, but then Jackson took a lead. He even loss his pants for it.

According to Tommy, Jackson was in first, Holly second, and Christie third.

Jackson is the new HOH!

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