Big Brother 21-Week #7 Power Rankings-Who is the Least Powerful Player this Week [POLL]?

The power in the Big Brother 21 house, once again, has shifted, shaking up the previous week’s shake up. Tommy Bracco winning both Head of Household and the Power of Veto this week has swung the power back in the direction of the remaining Six Shooters, but there’s still lots going on beneath the surface.


Let’s see where everyone stacks up this week as we’ve officially made it halfway through Big Brother 21 and into the jury phase of the game.

10. Kathryn Dunn

It looks like Kathryn Dunn will be walking the plank this Thursday night, unfortunately. I don’t know that Kat has done anything entirely wrong but her connection with Holly Allen and Jackson Michie is hurting her overall standing, and this week Tommy took an indirect shot at them by gunning for Holly’s real-life friend Kat. She’s been a ton of fun to watch, and to think that we could’ve lost her the first week is tragic. There’s always a chance that something could turn around as Jackson and Holly would obviously vote to keep her if they had two other votes, but I think her relationships with even allies Nicole Anthony and Jessica Milagros are a bit strained, and they’d rather keep reliable Cliff Hogg III than Kathryn, who’s proven herself to be pretty messy and a bit of a gossip at times.

9. Nick Maccarone

I really am not enjoying what Nick Maccarone has been putting out there. I suppose I can understand why he’s siding with Christie Murphy and Tommy, but he just is not even trying to position himself decently in this game. He’s willingly going with people that would likely cut him at final four, or even before that. It seems to be that he has this desire to hang out with the cool kids and really wanted to slide into Jack Matthew‘s role in the remaining Six Shooter alliance. Holly said it herself and I have to say I think she has him figured out. Jessica and Holly both have him on their radars and see through his transparent but bad floater game. He talks way too much for someone who doesn’t have a ton of security in this game, and I’m not sure I like what he’s doing to Nicole’s game by sort of forcing her to work with him. His six deal is coming together I suppose but I don’t think that ultimately it’s going to pan out for Nick. I really don’t see him as being able to beat really anyone in the final two, if he somehow makes it.

8. Jackson Michie


Jackson is still very much a target for Christie, Tommy and Analyse Talavera. I think he might get very lucky if this upcoming Head of Household ends up being something physical like the slip and slide, because they’re coming for him before they’re coming for Cliff, Nicole or Jessica at this point. A Head of Household win for Jackson could breathe some much needed life back into his and Holly’s game, and they’ll especially need it if Kat goes out without their knowledge or support. I know he still has his sights set on Christie and that’s probably where he should be directing himself, and to breaking up her and Tommy. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that there’s no band-aid big enough to fix this broken fracture, and who wins this upcoming competition really is huge.

7. Jessica Milagros

After a terrific week last week, Jessica slides back into her role of kind of being irrelevant in the game. Christie has really taken her under her wing this week and it shows because she’s trusting her and Tommy way too much. If she happened to win Head of Household again, I’m not even sure that she’d take a shot, not without urging from Cliff and Nicole. She’s letting one of her closest friends in Kathryn walk out the door, and I think it’s only going to hurt her. Nick’s attempts to create a new final six does not include her. I think she really isn’t all that valuable to anyone at this point. She’s going to need an adrenaline boost in this game once again, and I think she’s capable, but I hope she sees the bigger picture sooner than later because it’s almost too late for her to have a real shot unless she rebounds quick.

6. Christie Murphy


Christie is still a huge target and will likely be the main target if Jackson, Holly, Nicole, or Cliff win Head of Household, but her outlook does look brighter than previous weeks. She’s a little bit insulated by her allies, and since Nick has latched onto them, that only helps boost her standing. I think Christie needs to be sitting next to Tommy or Analyse to be guaranteed to go home, so hopefully nobody is stupid enough to try backdooring her. She’s much less socially isolated in this game than last week, and I think there’s some chance of her making a deep run, but it’s really going to depend on her and her allies getting lucky and winning some of these competitions. I still don’t know if Christie can win Big Brother 21 but it’s looking a lot more likely than it had been, which I’m still not sure how I feel about.

5. Nicole Anthony

It seems that slowly but surely Nicole is sliding into a better position in the house. Weeks ago she was an afterthought for most of them and an easy back-up target, but she is becoming more entrenched in people’s plans moving forward. Cliff, Nick, Jessica, and even Christie, Analyse and Tommy don’t really have any reason to come after Nicole, and they likely won’t. I think it’s unlikely that Jackson or Holly would either. She could potentially be a pawn but I think against almost anyone she’d stay in the house. What Nicole needs is to make some noise in this game though. She needs a competition win so that people take her more seriously at the end. Of course winning too much or too soon could elevate her threat level to the point that others wouldn’t be so keen on keeping her, but I think she needs to start putting together a resume to win this way and be seen as a more active player, or she’s just going to be playing for second like Nick or Analyse. There’s still plenty of time and I believe she’s capable of doing some damage.

4. Cliff Hogg III


While Cliff is on the block and could go home, he’s actually sitting in a pretty good spot. As long as nothing crazy happens, he’s staying and his deal with Christie from his Head of Household reign has really paid off. Everyone takes his word to be gold, but I suspect, and hope, that he’d be willing to break it when the time is right. He knows that siding with Christie and Tommy over Jackson and Holly would be a mistake, but given his recent injuries I’m wondering what he can do about it right now. But Cliff should be sitting in a good spot regardless where everyone trusts him and wants him around at least for the time being. When it gets right down to the end game though I think people are going to realize what a great threat he is to win the game.

3. Analyse Talavera

It’s highly unlikely that Sis can win this game. Sure, she’s in alliances and in a decent spot moving forward, but Analyse is not really respected and she’s not really done much. It’s also pretty clear that her passion for the game isn’t really there. Stranger things have happened, maybe Analyse will turn it on or go on a run, but I think we’ve watched enough of Analyse to know that it’s pretty unlikely. What is likely however, is someone like Tommy or Christie or Holly sitting beside her and winning the half million dollars in September. I hope that’s not the path we’re headed toward but it’s definitely in the realm of possibilities if the houseguests are as aware of her role as the viewers are.

2. Holly Allen

While Holly has sort of been quiet this week and losing Kat will hurt her game, I think she might be okay. If people come for her and Jackson, she’s always going to outlast him. And many of them want to continue working with her after Jackson goes, Tommy especially. I think she’s capable as a player enough to know when to cut her losses, and hopefully Holly sees that with Kat sooner rather than later, before she does anymore damage. It does suck to lose someone so loyal, but Cliff is more than willing to work with her as a well and she would reciprocate. I hope this week gives her some clarity that she needs to work with Nicole, Cliff and Jessica moving forward to combat Tommy, Christie, Analyse and now Nick. I think she plans on targeting Nick right now and while I’d love to see him go it’s not the wisest move. It’s all going to depend on how Holly recovers from this weeks eviction, and if her or Jackson can get power. I like their chances in anything physical.

1. Tommy Bracco


Tommy is back in the top spot after this Head of Household run. Tommy has done a very good job protecting his allies and keeping everyone from the opposite side against one another. He has sort of had a role in making sure Kat leaves by poisoning her to Nicole. And his allies all really trust him, I think Christie, Analyse and Nick would all happily sit beside him in the end. It’s a mistake for them, but maybe they won’t see it. One of the biggest drawbacks I think is that he wants to work with Holly so bad. I think she’s far and away his biggest threat towards the end of this game, and he doesn’t really see it. But other than that, he’s sitting pretty and still has Christie out in front of him. Not to mention the fact that this week Tommy has proven he can win competitions. It might elevate his threat level but I don’t see him as anyone’s number one target, and even if Tommy was, I’m not sure the votes would be there to take him out.

That’s all for this week! Do you agree with my takes? Let us know what you think!

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