Who Won the Power of Veto Tonight on Big Brother 21? (8/14/19)

For the first time this season on Big Brother 21, three houseguests are on the block for eviction thanks to a special twist called America’s Field Trip (AFT). Head of Household (HOH) winner Tommy Bracco and his ride-or-die partner Christie Murphy were shocked when Christie lost the AFT competition making her a third nominee  for eviction this week joining pawn Cliff Hogg III and target Kathryn Dunn.

Big Brother 21 Christie Murphy

Tonight’s Power of Veto (POV) competition seems to be Christie’s only saving grace. Once her name was thrown in the ring as a possibility for eviction this week, most of the houseguests jumped at the opportunity to finally send her home. Christie was well aware of her potential fate in the Big Brother 21 house this week. Will Christie be able to save her game tonight with a POV win, or will she be looking at an eviction tomorrow evening?

Week Seven Block Nominee Reaction

Kat is visibly shaken after the nomination ceremony. She can’t believe things were going so well last week for her and Cliff’s Angels, and now she sits on the block for possible eviction. Welcome to Big Brother Kat! Cliff and fellow alliance member Jessica Milagros give her a pep talk that seems to help for the moment. Cliff seems to be taking the nod on the block much better as he thinks Christie is a much bigger target than him.

Big Brother 21

Christie is distraught thinking about actually being evicted during her boy’s HOH week. She is also devastated that America voted for her to compete in AFT. To her and Jackson Michie, it’s obvious America picked players to compete they were not very fond of in the game. Nick Maccarone tries to console Christie and promises her that he will win the POV and take her off the block.

Week Seven Power of Veto Competition

Time to pick player’s for the Veto competition to join Tommy, Christie, Kat, and Cliff. Nick is the first chosen with Michie chosen next. The stage is set for the POV competition.

This week’s POV competition is the infamous OTEV who is in the form of a paranoid pigeon. This competition tests the houseguest’s knowledge of previous competitions held during the Big Brother 21 season. OTEV will ask a different question to the houseguests each round, and they must search the swamp to find the correct answer. They also need to be the first to bring it back to OTEV. The last player to being back the correct answer is eliminated. Game on!

Big Brother 21

Michie was eliminated in the first round. Cliff’s own ally, Kat, took him out for the last seat in the second round. Kat is in tears taking out one of her own allies. Christie is eliminated in the third round. Now her fate rests in Tommy’s hands. Kat is eliminated next. Only Tommy and Nick remain. In the final round, Tommy controls all the power this week by winning the POV to add to his HOH comp win. Christie is definitely coming off the block.

Week Seven Power of Veto Ceremony

As predicted, Tommy used the golden POV and took Christie off the block. Because this was a special twist with a third nominee placed on the block, there will not be a replacement nominee named to the block in Christie’s place. Therefore, Kat and Cliff are the final two houseguests on the block for eviction this week. Kat is still Tommy’s target, and things are not looking good for Kat right now in the Big Brother 21 house.

Join us again tomorrow evening for the live eviction on Thursday, August 15th at 9 PM EST/ 8 PM CST.

Big Brother 21

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