Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 57: Has Kat’s Nine Game Lives Run Out?

In the Big Brother 21 house, Wednesday is campaign day. The day started off with Kathryn Dunn trying to win people over with her campaign cookies. It was to soften the blow as she had individual talks all day and night. Cliff Hogg III also campaigned most of the day, but he didn’t have to work as hard as Kat, being part of the new Six and all. He mainly focused his campaigning on players who were likely to be a vote for Kat, like Jessica Milagros.

The battle of heart vs head haunted Nick Maccarone, Nicole Anthony, and Jess, as they knew keeping Cliff was probably the best move for their games, but they really liked Kat and wanted to see her play longer. Additionally, Nick pointed out that Kat wasn’t really leaving for anything bad she did in the game, it was because of her alliance with Holly Allen and Jackson Michie. Kat tried her hardest to convince the Big Brother 21 houseguests that she wasn’t working with the last remaining showmance, but no one believed her.

Christie Murphy was Kat’s first campaign target of the day, and Christie pointed out that if Kat was really trying to get out Jackson, then why was Jackson campaigning to keep her in the game? Later, Holly and Kat discussed how their trio status was really hurting Kat’s chances of continuing in the Big Brother 21 house. Holly and her even know that they would likely be the next targets if Kat left this week. Everyone not named Holly, Jackson, or Michie planned to take out one of them next week if they won Head of Household. But no one wanted to win it, and make that move. Many of the remaining houseguest mentioned that they were going to try to throw tonight’s Head of Household competition so they wouldn’t have to make the move against Jackson or Holly.

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After talking to them, Nick even told the camera that he planned to throw the competition to continue to play the middle. Emotions were at an all-time high yesterday, especially for Cliff’s Angels, as they didn’t want to see Kat or Cliff leave the Big Brother 21 game this week, but despite Kat’s campaigning, the houseguests seem determined to breakup the threemance and send Kat to the jury house with Jack Matthews.

Things for crazy at night when Nicole was conflicted about voting out Kat or Cliff, so she told Jess about the new Six. Jess then took that news and in a panic spread it around the house. She told Analyse how Holly had talked trash about her, she told basically everyone about the Six, and Kat about how Cliff was making deals without them. It led to a Analyse and Holly confrontation, Kat confronting Nick and Cliff and exposing Cliff’s Angels. And now Holly and Jackson know for certain the new targets. All this late night drama did was ensure that Kat is still probably leaving but it put a new spotlight on Cliff.

Join us tonight for all the Big Brother 21 eviction fun to see who really leaves and whether the houseguests really plan to throw the Head of Household competition.

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