Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 7 Eviction Predictions-Which Cliff’s Angel Will Leave First?

It been like a Bad News Bears type of Big Brother season as what the fans want has not panned out too much. We had one really good week (last week), when the universe manifested a Head of Household that wasn’t a member of the Six, and it let Jessica Milagros send out one of the big alpha dogs Jack Matthews. It seemed like this power move and the in fighting with the Six Shooters would finally reshuffle the game. It did not. Once Tommy Bracco won Head of Household, things went back to business as usual.

This meant anyone not in the first official Six was in danger this week, which led to Kathryn Dunn and Cliff Hogg III on the block. Tommy made Kat his target, and her relationship with Holly Allen and Jackson Michie just buried her game even more. Cliff and Kat received a glimmer of hope when America’s Field Trip resulted in Christie Murphy becoming a third nominee, but Tommy saved her with the Veto. This officially meant one member of Cliff’s Angels would be heading out the door tonight.

Kat has been trying her best to claw her way from the bottom to at least the middle, but it hasn’t done her any good. Everyone seems set on voting out Kat tonight. We expect the votes to go as followed:

Analyse Talavera votes to evict Kat
Christie votes to evict Kat
Holly votes to evict Kat
Jackson votes to evict Kat
Jessica Milagros votes to evict Cliff
Nick Maccarone votes to evict Kat
Nicole Anthony votes to evict Kat

Kat is evicted by a 6-1 vote, leading to her joining Jack in the jury house.

Who do you want to see leave the Big Brother 21 house this week? And who do you think will leave it?

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