Big Brother 21 Episode 21 Recap: Who Are The Three Block Nominees Tonight?

Tommy Bracco won his first Head of Household competition on the last episode of Big Brother 21, and he has power going into week seven. Unfortunately for Tommy, he lost one of his more powerful allies right before becoming HOH when Jack Matthews was evicted  by a vote of 6 to 2. Now, Tommy must rely on Christie Murphy, his ride or die, and that relationship brings with it some hefty baggage in the game right now.

Big Brother 21

At one point, Tommy and Christie were an integral part of the Six Shooters alliance. Once the golden team disbanded, Tommy, Christie, and Jack brought Analyse Talavera into their group. With Jack’s eviction, they need another ally or two on their side to counter Cliff’s Angels that includes Cliff Hogg III, Jessica Milagros, Nicole Anthony, and Kathryn Dunn. Will Tommy make peace with Holly Allen and Jackson Michie to reunite the Six Shooters? Who will Nick Maccarone side with this week? The pressure is definitely mounting.

Week Seven Head of Household Celebration

Tommy had the best birthday present ever with winning the HOH. Now, he is on a mission to put the Six Shooters back together again. If he is successful, the other side of the Big Brother house will lose the majority alliance status again, and Cliff’s Angels will be in trouble. He wants to put them together on the down low so the house is not aware of what is actually happening with their alliance.

Week Seven Deals & Targets

Holly and Michie are fearful of Christie being in Tommy’s ear. Michie approaches Tommy for a private conversation. Tommy reveals he really doesn’t know who to trust right now, but he shares his desire to put the Six Shooters back together. Michie isn’t in favor, but he’s gonna tell Tommy what he wants to hear.

Christie and Tommy converse about who Tommy is considering nominating to the block this week. Tommy wants to nominate Cliff and Kat to the block for eviction, but he wants to make sure Cliff does not go home. He may chose Nicole over Cliff to make sure Cliff stays. His primary target is Kat. He feels that Kat is a comp beast, the smartest player, and has good working relationships with everyone left in the Big Brother 21 house.

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Cliff and Tommy have a conversation, and Tommy promises Cliff he is not the target this week. That is all Cliff wants to hear. Tommy and the group are still unaware of Cliff’s Angels and wants to keep it that way.

Kat has the eerie feeling she is the target for eviction this week. She approaches Tommy for a private conversation. Kat tells Tommy that there is a rumor that the Six Shooters are getting back together. Tommy, of course, denies that completely. However, Kat has Tommy’s number and knows exactly when he is lying.

America’s Field Trip Results

This is the latest twist in the Big Brother 21 game. America voted for three houseguests to compete against one another for safety this week. Unfortunately, the other two houseguests get the raw end of the deal. One will be given an unknown punishment and the other will automatically be the third member of the block this week…ouch!

America voted for Michie, Analyse, and Christie to compete for safety this week. Michie is ecstatic that he has been given this opportunity, whereas Chrisite is in tears knowing America hates her. Christie also knows she would probably be voted out if she goes on the block.

Michie and Holly discuss how great this could be for their games. If Michie can pull off the win and Christie loses, they could get her evicted this week with absolutely no blood on their hands. Michie is determined to snatch the victory to take complete advantage of this situation.

America’s Field Trip Competition

The AFT competition is the infamous “Eggscape the Coup” where players must gently move eggs from the basket to the other side of the coup. The twist here is that there is chicken wire in the way. The players must maneuver and move eggs through the chicken wire and then roll it down a ramp to knock over letters spelling SAFE.

Big Brother 21

This competition requires an incredible amount of finger dexterity and patience. There is a lot on the line with the comp, and Michie jumps out to the lead rather quickly. By quite a large margin, Michie pulls off the victory. Sis and Christie remain, but Michie is secretly helping Sis with pointers during the comp. In the end Analyse got second and Christie is on the block for eviction.

Christie is a hot mess thinking she will be evicted this week. Analyse received her punishment, and she must wear a chicken costume for an entire week. That’s way better than going on the block as the third nominee, however.

Week Seven Block Nominations

At the Nominations ceremony, Tommy decided to nominate Cliff and Kat to the block as previously discussed. If Tommy doesn’t want his ride-or-die to be evicted during his HOH, he or Christie must win the POV. This will be one very important POV competition.

Who will win the Power of Veto competition? Join us next time for results on Wednesday, August 14th 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST.

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