With Shannon Elizabeth‘s eviction, this made James Maslow the main Celebrity Big Brother target for the week. If James won this endurance competition, Ross Mathews and Marissa Jaret Winokur would tried to use their skills of persuassion to get Omarosa on the Celebrity Big Brother block.

Celebrity Big Brother Week 3 HOH

It was a due or die situation for Omarosa or James. However,  Brandi Glanville and Ariadna Gutierrez were starting to grow suspicious of Ross and Marissa. Shannon got in their heads a little bit about needing a pair out the Celebrity Big Brother game.

They still wanted James out the house the most, but they were growing increasingly suspicious and worried about Ross. If Brandi won this Celebrity Big Brother Head of Household, she might be willing to flip the house against Ross. So we could be in for an interesting few days, before the next Monday eviction.

Celebrity Big Brother Week 3 HOH

So who won power with this week’s Head of Household competition?



Tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother episode ended with Shannon leaving the house, and the houseguests starting their endurance competition. It was a basketball themed wall competition. Whoever stayed on the wall the longest became this week’s HOH.

Metta World Peace was the first one out after 30 minutes. Less than a half hour later, Ross was also out. Then there was a double dose of elimination. Mark McGrath went down, quickly followed by Marissa.

It was all between James, Omarosa, and Brandi. Brandi then falls. It comes down to Omarosa and James.

James starts to really struggle, so Omarosa asks him if he wants to make a deal. He says yes because he doesn’t think he can hang longer.

She promises not to nominate or backdoor him. He tries to prolong it, but she says the deal with expire. James finally drops.

Omarosa is the new Head of Household.

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