Big Brother 24 Casting Submissions Open Early

We’re only three weeks into the Big Brother 23 season, but it seems the Big Brother casting team is already looking ahead to Big Brother 24. Big Brother 24 hasn’t even officially been announced. However, I think most fans assumed that the series would be back for season 24 and beyond. 

Julie Chen Moonves holding a beach towel with Big Brother on it and palm trees

Big Brother casting team announced a few major shakeups to the casting process and team. Due to the pandemic, the usual in-person events were dropped. Instead, fans had to submit everything via the official Big Brother casting site. Next, CBS implemented a 50 percent BIPOC rule for all their reality shows. This meant that at least 50 percent of the cast had to be black, indigenous, or a person of color. 

CBS also possibly temporarily replaced usual casting director Robyn Kass with Jesse Tannenbaum. Tannenbaum has been the casting director for other CBS shows like The Amazing Race and Survivor. He also previously worked as casting director for Big Brother Over the Top. 

Last night, the Big Brother Access team noticed that the official Big Brother casting website opened applications for Big Brother 24. At first, we thought this may be an error but the eligibility page states that you have to be 21 years old by June 1st, 2022 to submit an application. Therefore confirming that this application is for the summer 2022 season.

In recent previous seasons, the Big Brother application usually doesn’t go up until February of that year. Then casting lasts until about May of that year. Prior to the pandemic, in-person casting events usually happened from February until April. We’re not sure if in-person events will resume next year or if they’re forever gone from the Big Brother casting process.

The Big Brother 24 applications opening early could mean a few things. It could be as simple as the casting team wants to get a lot of submissions to look through them from now until May 2022. This is plausible because more people may now have the ambition to go out for Big Brother with the new 50 percent BIPOC in place. Another option is that we may get an earlier season of Big Brother.

The Big Brother 23 Houseguests meet

Celebrity Big Brother happened for two winter seasons. Maybe CBS is once again considering the idea of a winter season of Big Brother, this time maybe with civilians. I don’t believe it would be labeled as Big Brother 24 but may get a new name but the same concept. I also think if this happens, it will probably be a much shorter season. There is also always the possibility of Big Brother Over The Top 2. Fans really enjoyed that season, and with the launch of Paramount+, now is the perfect time to experiment with Paramount+ only content. With Tannebaum in charge of casting, it also makes sense to restart Big Brother Over the Top, since he cast the original season. 

The site specifically says that someone must be 21 by June 1st, 2022, so that may make people assume this is only for next summer’s Big Brother. However, the application could have the intent for both. Maybe some people who submit their application early will secretly be contacted for a possible winter season. We may just have hopeful thinking, but you never know. Big Brother is always watching.

Will you submit an application for Big Brother 24? Do you think there will be a winter season of Big Brother? Let us know!

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