Who Was Evicted Tonight On Big Brother 23? (7/15/21)

To say this week under Brandon “Frenchie” French’s Head of Household (HOH) inside the Big Brother 23 house has been chaotic would be an understatement. Frenchie has changed his mind on targets numerous times, broken promises to many houseguests, and lied to others about his plans. This week has been as hard on the houseguests as it has on us watching from the outside.

Big Brother 23 Alyssa Lopez and Travis Long

Finally, tonight that chaos is over. The first live eviction in the Big Brother 23 house will be between Alyssa Lopez and Travis Long. Frenchie had promised no females would even be on the block this week. Will he push for a “meathead” eviction like he first set out to achieve? We will find out tonight.

Power of Veto Ceremony Fallout

Derek Xiao decided to use the Power of Veto (POV) to save Kyland Young as he didn’t deserve to be on the block and also to get into favor with HOH Frenchie. Kyland is upset because the Big Brother 23 replacement nominee, Travis, is on the Queen’s team with him, but he is happy he is no longer up for eviction. Alyssa feels like Travis is a much bigger threat than she is, so she is feeling pretty good.

Travis is upset that Frenchie lied to him about being safe this week. In the diary room, Travis vowed to take Frenchie down with him if he goes this week. Frenchie may finally get a dose of reality.

Frenchie Goes Alliance Crazy

Even before entering the Big Brother 23 house, Frenchie had intentions of setting up an alliance and naming it the Slaughterhouse (SH). He invited Derek Frazier, Whitney WilliamsChristian Birkenberger, Brent ChampagneXavier Prather, Alyssa, and Kyland to join his alliance. Frenchie promises this group they will go to the end together. Chop, Chop!

Big Brother 23 Slaughterhouse

Then, Frenchie decided it would be a good idea to make another alliance with the other side of the Big Brother 23 house to keep all of his options open. He approached Claire Rehfuss, Tiffany Mitchell, Azah Awasum, and Hannah Chaddha to join an all-girls alliance with himself and all of them. They name the group…the French Kisses (FK). The girls in this alliance are going along with this just to set up Frenchie. He’s being played, by all of them.

Week One Live Eviction Vote

The live eviction is on in the Big Brother 23 house. Each houseguest will go into the diary room and place their vote, one at a time. Here we go!

Sarah Beth Steagall votes to evict Travis
Xavier votes to evict Travis
Whitney votes to evict Travis
Christian votes to evict Travis
Azah votes to evict Travis
Derek F. votes to evict Alyssa
Kyland votes to evict Travis
Tiffany votes to evict Alyssa
Derek X. votes to evict Travis
Claire votes to evict Travis
Hannah votes to evict Travis
Britini votes to evict Travis
Brent votes to evict Travis

Big Brother 23 Travis Long and Julie Chen Moonves

By a vote of 11-2, Travis is the first houseguest evicted from the Big Brother 23 house. He gives his goodbye hugs and quickly joins host Julie Chen Moonves for this exit interview. Travis and Julie talked about the pre-show event where Travis tried to blow up Frenchie’s game. He thinks he did a good job of letting everyone know what a liar Frenchie really is regarding the game.

Week Two Head of Household Competition

This competition is called Pool Sharks. Each player will place their ball on a number from 1-30 and attempt to hit their ball into a shark’s mouth. The number 1 spot is the easiest spot and the number 30 spot is the hardest spot. The winner of this competition is the Big Brother 23 houseguest that sinks their ball in the shark’s mouth from the highest number.

Houseguests will secretly pick their number on a keypad. If that number is already taken, they will have to select another number. Here we go! Technical difficulties sent this game to commercial break, but everyone is now ready to go.

Alyssa strikes with a 15, Brent makes it on 16, Hannah misses at 17, Azah misses at slot 18, Xavier misses at slot 19, Christian misses at 20, Tiffany misses at 21, Whitney misses at 22, Claire misses at 23, Kyland hits at 24 and is now the leader, Britini misses at 25, Derek F. misses at 26, Sarah Beth misses at 27, Derek X. misses at 28.

Big Brother 23 Pool Sharks

Kyland is the new HOH! His team is also safe for the week meaning Claire and Tiffany are also safe. Travis was the fourth member of the Queens, but he was evicted earlier in the evening.

Join us again on Sunday, July 17th at 8/7c for Kyland’s block nominations and also the next Wild Card competition. Julie says this comp comes with a huge decision as the winner must switch teams if they wish to remain safe for the week in the Big Brother 23 house.

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