Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Hacker Competition Details Revealed

On Thursday’s Big Brother 20 live eviction episode, host Julie Chen introduced a new twist into the game. She left viewers wanting more by giving them no information about it. We were all just told to tune-in on Sunday night for the full details.

Big Brother 20 Hacker Comp

As stated, the Big Brother 20 Hacker Competition details will not be  revealed in their entirety to viewers until this Sunday. Therefore, these details may not be completely accurate, but yesterday in the Big Brother 2018 house, the houseguests revealed a lot of the details surrounding this new mysterious competition. We now know that the Big Brother Hacker competition will happen every Friday after nominations.

Its winner gains a lot of power in the game: He or she gets to remove one person from the block, pick a person to play in the Power of Veto competition, and eliminate one vote. The Hacker comp winner may also decide to not wield his or her power. This competition is a lot like Big Brother 18’s Roadkill competition in that every houseguest will get to compete in it, and it’ll be an individual timed one.

The winner can remain anonymous or disclose their power to whoever they see fit. According to the Big Brother 20 houseguests, the Hacker also gets to name a replacement nominee, if they use it to take someone off the block.

There is a little confusion on whether the Hacker competition will only last a few weeks or the rest of the game. We’ll get those details on Sunday. The Hacker competition will happen sometime today, so we’ll report on who wins the Hacker competition later tonight. Expect an update from us on the Hacker competition winner every Friday, or as soon as we know.

This Big Brother 20 competition gives one player a lot of power, so it’s a game-changer.

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