Big Brother 24 Recap Episode 6: Taylor & Pooch Battle For Veto

Jasmine Davis is the second Head of Household of the Big Brother 24 season after narrowly beating Michael Bruner. Once in charge of the Big Brother household this week, Jasmine decided to take the easy road and nominate Taylor Hale to the block for eviction. Putting less blood on your hands is typically the simpler approach in the game of Big Brother.

Big Brother 24 Taylor and Pooch

Then, Jasmine was handed a gift when Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli offered to sit on the block with Taylor as a pawn. After careful consideration, Jasmine accepted his offer. Now that Pooch and Taylor are sitting on the block, can either of them win the Power of Veto tonight? Or will Pooch throw the competition and potentially seal his fate? Or will another houseguest take the win?

Week Two Block Nomination Fallout

Taylor and Pooch think they are the pawn on the block this week in Big Brother 24. Jasmine initially wanted to target Taylor, but after Pooch offered himself to the block, she wondered if they should take advantage of this opportunity to make the easy play on Pooch.

Taylor has clearly bought Jasmine’s lies about her being a pawn on the block this week to get Pooch eliminated. Pooch seems clueless about the dangers of offering yourself as a pawn in the game of Big Brother. He very well may learn this lesson the hard way.

Big Brother 24 Alliance Update

Pooch is in a new all-male alliance called the Oasis. They are similar to the Girls, Girls alliance on the other side of the Big Brother 24 house (including all the females, excluding Nicole Layog and Taylor). The Oasis includes Pooch, Kyle Capener, Monte Taylor, Matt Turner, and Joseph Abdin. Monte is not a fully committed member of this alliance, however. His allegiance is with the Poe’s Alliance (including Monte, Kyle, Nicole, Michael, and Alyssa Snider).

Big Brother 24 Oasis Alliance

Pooch does not have any fears of being evicted this week because of the Oasis alliance having his back. There are overlaps in the three larger alliances, and not everyone is fully invested in each alliance. Only time will tell how each alliance will protect its members in the Big Brother 24 game.

Week Two Power of Veto Competition

In addition to Jasmine, Taylor, and Pooch, Ameerah Jones, Michael, and Terrance Higgins were randomly selected to compete in the POV this week. Jasmine was happy with the picks because Ameerah will represent the Girls, Girls alliance. Pooch was not happy because no one from the Oasis was selected.

The players will be dressed as mermaids and must move their pearls to the finish line using only their heads or crowns. Once their pearl is at the bottom of their lanes, they must use their heads to push the pearl into one of three clamshell slots. This process must be repeated three times until all three of their pearls are in each slot at the bottom of their lane.

The first player to land all three pearls in the clamshells at the bottom of the lane will win the Golden Power of Veto. Jasmine declined to participate in this competition due to her ankle injury in the HOH competition.

After a very grueling and challenging competition, Michael won the golden power this week in Big Brother 24. This is his second POV victory.

Jasmine wants to keep the nominations the same this week. Michael isn’t certain whether or not saving Taylor would benefit his game. He wants to do whatever will benefit his Big Brother game the most.

Michael approached Jasmine and others in the Big Brother house about using the veto this week to target a big target. If the veto was used on Taylor and Joseph was nominated in her place, he could be easily evicted this week. Jasmine considered this, but she feels strongly about keeping the same nominations.

Week Two Power of Veto Ceremony

Michael did not use the POV at the veto meeting and kept the same nominations. This means that either Pooch or Taylor will be evicted this week.

IMPORTANT PROGRAMMING ANNOUNCEMENT: There will not be a live eviction episode due to other CBS programming. Tune in on Sunday, July 24 at 8 PM EST for a special 2-hour eviction episode.

Big Brother 24 with Julie Chen

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